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Bronze-level articleGodlike Productions

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Some dare call it


Secrets revealed!
The revealers
Conspiracy Theorists
Lunatic Fringe
—The motto on GLP's banner

Godlike Productions (GLP) is a website/community of conspiracy theorists and various other kinds of woo-believers. Its main feature is a forum, though it also provides image and video hosting and a podcast service. In many ways it's similar to Above Top Secret.


[edit] How it works

Godlike Productions is mainly a huge forum/message board. Unlike other fora, it is not split into sub-forums. Instead, the users can browse a number of Topics, categories automatically generated based on the keywords in the thread's titles (e.g. "NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film" is going to be put in both "Science, Space" and "Conspiracy, UFOs And Aliens").

As threads tend to drop off the first page very quickly, "breaking news" and other popular thread are "pinned" at the top of the list. This usually results in the first quarter of the front page being occupied by pinned threads. All pinned topics are usually (automatically?) unpinned at the end of the day. Originally threads could be pinned and unpinned only by the moderators (hence the common demand "PIN THIS!!!!!!!!"), but later "suggest pin" buttons available to all users were introduced in the threads themselves. The introduction of a "karma" (reputation) system also allowed users to pin a thread by spending karma. As of August 2012, there are "normal pins" (red flags), "karma pins" (green flags) and "super pins" (golden pin) that stay above all other pinned threads.

Threads also have a rating system, ranging between one star ("Absolute BS") and five stars ("Amazing"), but this doesn't have any direct effect to the board's system. There's a limit how many times a user can rate threads in 24 hours.

Registration is not required for posting. Anonymous users can provide a handle when posting, but if they don't, the default handle is "Anonymous Coward". Paid subscribers have their accounts "upgraded" with additional features. All users are identified by a "user ID" number, based on the order of registration/first post, and by the origin country of their IP address.


The site has the bad habit of blocking large ranges of IP addresses, purportedly to prevent trolls from evading bans by resetting their IP address. Some of the blocks are so wide they cover the whole ranges of certain Internet providers. So don't be surprised if you are greeted by "SORRY - YOUR IP ADDRESS X.X.X.X HAS BEEN BANNED" when you try to visit GLP for the first time. This is likely to happen if you live in the US and your Internet connection is using a dynamic IP.

More annoyingly, the block prevents people not only from posting on the board, but even from reading it. There's the running suspicion that the wide-ranging bans are used as a fundraising tool: paid accounts are exempted from the range blocks, and the ban message screen suggests getting one.

[edit] Mixed nuts

—The first sentence of GLP's disclaimer[1]
I know a lot of people here suffer from some form of mental illness...
—Extract from a rant by Trinity (the site's owner), claiming that rogue psychologists were targeting their members.[2]

Due to anonymous posting, threads in GLP can be... lively, especially if they involve "debunkers" or followers of opposing conspiracy theories. Moderation (in both senses) is low to non-existent, though people can be banned for excessive behaviour and/or threats. If you enter GLP with the intent to argue, prepare for long, futile threads (100+ pages sometimes) and obtuse opponents that seem to suffer from ADD.

GLP attracts a mixed crowd whose views cover every possible conspiracy theory ever thought of, and some that are being developed on the spot, with dramatic (over-)reactions to current events. Some of the participants appear to be trolls, others don't mind a bit of trolling to get rid of those pesky "debunkers" that poke holes in their arguments. Expect to see the "Shill Warning Alert" smiley a lot, though to the regulars' credit, expect to see the "B.S. flag" smiley a lot, too. (And yes, those are smileys. The full collection needs to be seen.)

[edit] Other nuts

Nancy Lieder used to host her "chats" on GLP, before she decided she needed a place with fewer opponents. (Yes, she's too crazy for GLP.) Mensur Omerbashich threatened the site, among others, because of discussions of his claims about Comet Elenin.

If you try to post on GLP a reference to Above Top Secret, either a hyperlink or the name itself, you'll get an automated warning: "*** Because Above Top Secret staff are a bunch of uptight control freaks, we do not allow their content or references to their website to be posted or linked to on GodlikeProductions.com *** Attempts to circumvent this warning will result in ban." (as of August 2012) Godlike Productions is not keen on the rest of the competition, either. It also bans any mention of the words "Alex Jones", "Infowars", "Prison Planet", etc, not to mention that posting links to the JREF (forums?) or Snopes will also get you banned. Posting that you can get banned for posting a link can get you banned.

Godlike Productions is not universally well-accepted among fringers. A somewhat persistent idea is that sites such as GLP and Above Top Secret have been set up by the powers that be for some sinister purpose (e.g. monitoring and identifying free-thinking dissidents whackjobs). In the case of GLP there's the particular allegation that it is associated with the Tavistock Institute,[3] (which has an established place in the world of conspiracy theorists) and posting the name "Tavistock" will result in an automatic ban.

[edit] External links

[edit] Footnotes

  1. Both the bold and the all-caps are theirs. The full text of the disclaimer is amusing and worth reading, if you have spent (or intend to spend) any time on the website. It can be found at the very bottom of every page.
  2. "We Have Uncovered a GROUP of U.K. Psychologists & Psychiatrists Who Have Been Targeting Our Users" Archive copy at the Wayback Machine
  3. An example: Godlikeproductions.com (tavistock) - Friend of Dr. Paul or foe? Eerie. *MUST READ*, Daily Paul. Quote: apparently, GLP was set up as "a way of studying the reactions, the psychology, of those interested in people like Ron Paul, or simply those who could potentially pose a threat through the spreading of information". And of course, this is just "food for thought"
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