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Stimmekoreas (from Stimme Koreas, the German translation of "Voice of Korea", formerly known as Radio Pyongyang) is the number one[1] YouTube Channel on the DPRK (North Korea), with over 20,000 subscribers.[2] They also have a Facebook page, which unsurprisingly attracts a fair few trolls in the comments.[3]

It is not the official YouTube channel of the DPRK,[4] and it is believed to be operated by a supporter of the DPRK who lives outside of the country.[1] It has been referenced by various respectable news organisations in the West.[5][6][7]


As well as showing the latest state propaganda from the Korean Central News Agency and the Voice of Korea in a variety of languages, Stimmekoreas also produces fun DPRK music (e.g. Death to the US Imperialist Aggressors[8] (that one's a classic), and a rendition of Jingle Bells,[9] produced by the Pochonbo Electronic EnsembleWikipedia's W.svg to really put you in a festive spirit), segments of old North Korean-produced films proclaiming Kim Jong Il to be God, published on YouTube 3 years after his death;[10] clips of the channel owner's trips to North Korea (further confirming they are a non-resident of the DPRK),[11] and also has clips from foreign outlets regarding the country, including RT news,[12] a selection of clips from a 2004 Dutch Documentary called North Korea: A Day in the Life,[13][14] and clips from Proletarian TV (official YouTube Channel of the CPGB(M-L)).[15]


Stimmekoreas has been taken down by another DPRK-supporting channel called DPRKMusicChannel (which now no longer exists)[16][17] as being an enemy of the state on copyright infringement laws. DPRKMusicChannel then took to Facebook to apologise to Stimmekoreas for their "pathetic actions" and begged not to be executed.[1]

Kim Jong Un's uncopyrighted Disney performance, which was documented in full on Stimmekoreas from state media, received criticism in the West.[18]

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