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TheraminTrees is a British YouTube atheist and skeptic who published animated videos that debunk common religious arguments and misconceptions.

He is the brother of QualiaSoup.


[edit] Scope

As of January 2016, since account creation in 2010, TT had over 50,000 subscribers and 3.8 million views.[1] He makes about $1,100 per video.[2]

He appears to have been received positively by the atheist community.[3][4][5] He's been positively reviewed by Hemant Mehta.[6] He is listed as one of Richard Dawkins' "Secular Stars".[7]

[edit] Anti-religion

  • instruction manual for life(link): Woodworking as an analogy for religion.
  • bending truth(link): On how religion can use cognitive biases to entrap people, step by step, until escape is very psychologically difficult.
  • losing faith(link): On how he lost his faith.
  • coming out(link): On, well, coming out.
  • respecting beliefs(link): Rebutting the idea that religious beliefs have to be "respected" (ie, unquestioned).
  • 'science' of the gaps(link): On pseudoscience.
  • telling stories(link): On how stories (eg, atheist professor myth) are used as analogies to push any false beliefs.
  • death part 1(link) and part 2(link)
  • the impossible game(link) and betting on infinity(link): Both on Pascal's Wager versus an infinite number of gods.

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