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Among the Oromo of Ethiopia, there is a distinct story that underpins the gadaa social structure of the ethnic group, even though few believe it these days. It holds that their one god, Wak, lived in the clouds.

[edit] Wak this way

Wak is described as a creator god (no definite pattern of capitalizing "creator" or "god" is consistent) who lived in the clouds. He asked humanity to build itself a coffin in which they buried themselves; Wak proceeded to make it rain fire for 7 years to create mountains.[1]

Wak is a benefactor who does not punish; this is a mild contrast to the Abrahamic religions.

Woman was supposedly made from the blood of Man, who was then married by Man.[2][3]

Man reproduced creating 30 children. Man, who was apparently shamed by having so many, hid 15 of them, which Wak made into demons and other animals.[4]

[edit] Wak of life

The Gadaa belief system, though little-believed today except by one or two local groups within the Oromo, had a strong influence of establishing the social system used by Oromo men, and as the Oromo form over one-third of Ethiopia's population, that's quite some influence for a mythical cloud deity. On the positive side, the system encourages men to change their social role every 8 years, and is apparently democratic and egalitarian.[5] Perhaps the autocrats who have run Ethiopia for most of its history would have served their land better by having a little more gadaa in their activities, even if it's not based on firm rational principles.

[edit] References

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