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Regent University is a fundamentalist Christian university located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The title bar of the Regent University website claims that it is "America's Preeminent Christian University."[1] The website also includes the school's slogan: Christian Leadership to Change the World.


[edit] History

Regent University was founded in 1978 by televangelist Pat Robertson as an extension of his Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). The university's official name was "CBN University" until 1990.[2]

[edit] Science Degrees

Regent University offers a few "Science Programs" at their College of Natural Sciences, they include Biophysics and Computer Science. Obviously their science programs are taught from a Christian perspective and evolution is rejected. Bible studies are part of the program (Like Bob Jones University, Cedarville University, Liberty University and Loma Linda University).

[edit] Graduate School

The university offers more than 30 undergraduate and graduate degrees (masters and doctorates). Non-fundamentalists might find some of the graduate degrees in non-religious fields troubling: business administration, communications, counseling (school and family) and counseling psychology, teacher education, journalism, law, public management and public policy (offered by the - we kid you not - Pat Robertson School of Government), and taxation.

[edit] Ties to Bush Administration Justice Department

In 2007, the Regent University School of Law came under scrutinization during the investigation of the U.S. Justice Department attorney firing scandal. Just before the 2006 elections, several Justice Department attorneys were fired allegedly because they refused to trump up charges against Democratic Party candidates, or because they did prosecute Republican Party candidates. Many of the lawyers who replaced them graduated from Regent University School of Law, established in 1986 to bring pro-Christian balance to the perceived liberal leanings of the American justice system. As of April 2007, the Justice Department employed about 150 Regent law school graduates.[3] This troubles many who consider Regent University School of Law to be a "fourth tier law school"[4][5] where students are more likely to discuss sin than the Constitution in Constitutional Law class.[6]

[edit] Footnotes

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