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The Washington Post

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The Washington Post, depending on who you ask, is either commie trash, a neoconservative rag desparately trying to outflank the rival (and paleoconservative) Washington Times from the right, the epitome of the worst excesses of the liberal media, or America's Newspaper of Record.TM[1]

It is most famous for the role played by two of its reporters (Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward) in slowly exposing the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard M. Nixon's resignation. At the time, the Post was but one of three competing Washington, D.C. daily newspapers along with the Washington Star and the Washington Daily News. Their coverage of the Watergate scandal solidified the Post's dominance in the D.C. newspaper market and gained the paper national stature.


[edit] Subsidiaries

From 1961 to 2010, the Post published Newsweek, America's second-largest weekly newsmagazine. Newsweek then collapsed after WaPo sold it off (admittedly, it was going downhill before then).

In 2004, the Post purchased Slate Magazine from Microsoft.

In 1984, the Post's parent company purchased Kaplan, Inc., a tutoring and educational testing service. In 2000, the Post bought an online college and renamed it Kaplan College (now Kaplan University). Like most for-profit institutions of higher education, Kaplan U. has become known more for its quest for profit than for its quest for knowledge.[2]

[edit] Columnists

An incomplete list;[3] some notable Post opinion columnists include:

[edit] Liberal columnists

[edit] Conservative columnists

[edit] External links

[edit] Footnotes

  1. The New York Times has also been given the label, something they've vehemently disliked.
  2. Kirkham, Chris. "At Kaplan University, 'Guerilla Registration' Leaves Students Deep In Debt", Huffington Post, 22 December 2010
  3. Full list
  4. Sarah Palin, from pit bull to mama grizzly
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