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I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.
—George W. Bush[1]

George Walker Bush, a.k.a. "Dubya" or "Shrub," was the 43rd President of the United States from 2001-2009. He is the son of 41st president George H. W. Bush, and the first President to win the endorsement of God.[2] He's also famous for having the largest number of people ever in history to protest against him.

As a candidate of the party which detests growing the government or debt, Bush did better than any U.S. president in history to do both. An "opponent" of "nation-building"[3] he proceeded to take military action in Iraq and Afghanistan and commencing nation-building. Odd for a champion of small business, the only people getting tax breaks or loopholes under his leadership were the ultra-rich multinationals and foreign oil companies. The apotheosis of compassionate conservatism, his main agenda was to continue the destruction of the earth as fast as possible so baby boomers could leech a bit more wealth out of future generations. In 2005, he said to a divorced mother of three, "You work three jobs? Uniquely American, isn't it?", while he himself took an ungodly number of vacations, et cetera.[4][5]

Coincidentally a surge of Libertarianism happened right around the same time as when W. absolutely destroyed the Republican brand.[6] Looks like he needs a new god. (The many-faced god, perhaps.)

He claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. No one has been able to find them (yet).[7] He "caused the War on Terror."[8]


[edit] Boy King

Bush's lackluster resume speaks not just to ineptitude, but hubris. He knew his resume, and he still thought he was capable of running the nation. An honest evaluation of his life leading up to the presidency is remarkably devoid of accomplishments for a future president. There is a very consistent narrative there of someone who was just given one free pass after another for far too long. Texas is a giant political reverse-affirmative-action program for the rich and stupid. The governorship is traditionally seen as a do-nothing job. If you're a total mediocrity it just doesn't get any better than Texas. (Every Congressman and Senator from there is a wacko-bird, as McCain put it.)

Ironically the first time the training wheels really came off in his life was his presidency. Bush had to lean far too much on people like Cheney and Rumsfeld—petty bureaucrats but master manipulators he was simply no match for. This was yet another example of his family failing him by helping him too much: they were among the first to recommended Cheney as consigliere.[9] That's not exactly flattering to Bush, and it shows that the failure of his WH was long in the making.

Even his campaign was filthy, as McCain can testify. Ironically, he killed McCain's presidential hopes twice (McCain represented a third term of Bush).

[edit] Election controversy

See the main article on this topic: 2000 U.S. Presidential Election

Bush was initially elected in 2000, running against then-Vice President Al Gore. The vote was very close, with the election hanging on a very few votes in Florida; due to this, the election eventually had to be resolved in the Supreme Court in the debacle known as Bush v. Gore.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the election, or the first several months of his presidency, some people (Michael Moore, for example[10]) maintained that Bush was not the "legitimate" president, and that it was stolen by Bush, his brother Jeb, the Governor of Florida at the time, and Florida's Secretary of State in charge of the recount, Katherine Harris. The People's Weekly World went so far as to enclose the word "President" in scare quotes when referring to him. Such chatter mostly ceased when 9/11 and its aftermath gave these detractors a ready, large supply of valid reasons (with some exceptions on the validity part) to criticize Bush, such as concerns over civil rights violations.

[edit] Presidency

An early assessment of Bush's legacy.
I'm getting more of a 'Nam vibe. You know, unwinnable wars, inescapable downward spiral, chaos in the streets. That sort of thing.
—Psychic Stephen T. Colbert on November 7, 2000[11]

The fundamental difference between Bush and just about any other president, except perhaps Reagan, is that Bush liked being President, but he really didn't like doing the job of being president. By that we mean, he wasn't steering the ship. If you really look at the conversations that have been reported to have occurred during the financial crisis, he was more or less oblivious to what was happening while Hank Paulson was left in the driver's seat.[12] He actually showed some self-awareness by taking experienced people like Cheney and Rumsfeld and handing them unprecedented power, and yet that turned out to be perhaps the biggest mistake of his presidency. Like Rove himself in effect once said, they're doers, not thinkers.

[edit] Annus horribilis

When you were a candidate, I called you a corporation running for the Presidency masquerading as a human being. In time you turned a metaphor into a reality. As a corporation, you express no remorse, no shame, no compassion and a resistance to admit anything other than that you have done nothing wrong.
Ralph Nader[13]

Dubya's presidency was arguably one of the most infamous in history:

  • The economy struggled — while the Dow Jones Industrial Average recovered the "numbers" lost in the post-dot-com boom crash, the dollar dropped by a similar amount against the euro — meaning that in euros, the U.S. economy was stagnant for six years.
  • He ignored science on several every major issue, preferring to promote bizarre policies, such as abstinence-only sex education. (This even hampered what may objectively be his only positive legacy to the world, a spike in AIDS funding to Africa.[14])
  • Two potentially "useful" contributions, "No Child Left Behind" and the immigration reform thing, failed because of lack of funding and lack of support, respectively.
  • CIA case officer Michael Scheuer, former head of the Bin Laden unit, had warned the Clinton administration about a need to take action. This was in 1999. It was hardly concealed intelligence;[15] GWB received a briefing memo compiled by all the US intelligence agencies that stated: Bin Laden determined to strike in the US.[16][17] It can be debated whether the blame for 9-11 falls on Bush's shoulders, but his response to the attacks—unveiling the PATRIOT Act (a rewrite of the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act signed into law by Clinton and Joe Biden[18]), the Department of Homeland Security, opening Guantanamo, and threatening war on the international community if he didn't get his way—left much to be desired. As for us, we're still waiting for the boats, planes, public transportation, taxis, jitneys, mules, goats, and all the other conveyances that the GWB repeatedly warned us that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban would use to reach us if we didn't annihilate Iraq?[19]
  • Those of us old enough to remember the invasion know that the Bush administration was desperately clutching at any straw they could find to confirm the existence of WMDs. Every few days they'd raid some high school or veterinarian's office and proudly display the test tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks they found as proof they'd busted a bio-warfare lab, only to withdraw the claim a few days later. (Granted they found some useless warheads that the US government gave Saddam in the 80's, but that is not the point.[20]) You even had the hysterical spectacle of a Secretary of State going in front of the UN with artist's impressions of what a mobile germ warfare factory would look like (should they ever bump into one) supported by accounts from dissidents with barely-concealed agendas of their own who hadn't lived in Iraq for over a decade.[21] Any politician who possessed an iota of critical judgment would have seen right through Bush's clumsy justifications. It honestly wasn't difficult. Indeed, the French and Germans did; both got vilified by America for their efforts. Al Gore did briefly raise objections in 2004 but was quickly drowned in the popular public opinion which was still high on cordite. Bush himself has said there were no WMDs and that Iraq was a mistake, why is Fox still trying to insist otherwise?[22] Because it's the only way they can maintain the narrative that the Democrats are the financially-irresponsible ones. By pretending the huge deficit created by that war during a period of massive tax cuts was "worth it".[23]
  • The Bush family's indifference to the plight of poor blacks in low-lying Louisiana (setting aside a few deranged conspiracy theories claiming the government intentionally detonated levees to drive blacks out)[24] is a shameful monument to American bigotry. Europeans were appalled at the casualness with which the U.S. government went about saving those clinging to life on top of buildings.[25] FEMA Director Michael "Brownie" Brown, who resigned in disgrace over his handling of the response, later claimed that the White House only wanted to federalize the response in Louisiana, where the governor was a Democrat, and not in Republican-led Mississippi in order to embarrass Louisiana officials. Brown said the White House believed they had a chance to “rub [Kathleen Blanco’s] nose in it.”[26] Blanco lost her re-election bid and she was replaced with bullshitter extraordinaire Bobby Jindal.[27]
  • In fact, almost everything his administration touched turned to custard. The American Dream Downpayment Act 2003 was crafted as laudable attempt to create 5.5 million new homeowners by 2010. In reality, it encouraged private lenders to reduce their lending standards (like, for instance, not being too fussed about documentation of income and assets), thus triggering the boom in so-called "subprime" mortgages in the first decade of the 21st century.[28] The result was tens of millions of dollars of debt for people who couldn't be expected to repay them. This debt was taken to rating agencies, "securitized" (they slapped "AAA" on them) and sold on to businesses, pensioners and even entire countries, also thanks to financial reforms pushed through by Reagan and Dubya's dad. This worked fine, so long as interest rates stayed low (so their debts didn't increase rapidly — something Alan Greenspan was happy to do), people kept their jobs (so what was left of their income stream remained) and real estate prices kept rising (so the long-term value of their property assets increased). As anyone living in America, or the developed world as a whole, will realise, none of these things happened.
  • Bush is also the creator of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, an office of the White House that focuses on tearing down the wall of separation of church and state through the use of so-called faith-based initiatives, which include teaching school children that prayer will magically solve all of their problems, and spreading blatant propaganda.
  • He looked for all the world like an arrogant moron. Oddly enough, that hurts your image on the global stage.[29][30] So now, instead of Americans being those "interesting but kinda large people who go to all the museums and talk loudly", we're "those obnoxious fuckheads who think we're better than everybody." (How the hell did we steal that title from the French?) In the end, the U.S. lost its moral authority to—wait for it—Germany.
  • Also, he made being stupid fashionable. Because hey, learning isn't that important, I mean look at our president, he can't pronounce "nuclear" but he does everything by instinct and faith.[31] (Quayle was universally ridiculed for such gaffes.) Reagan made being selfish and greedy fashionable so that, a generation later, we had the resurgence of Ayn Rand, the Enron scandal (courtesy of GWB's friend "Kenny Boy"), the failure of the financial system, and the rise of the Tea Party. A generation from now, it will be the rise of the Idiocracy. It started with the Bush administration's attack on education: Dumbing down everything, firing teachers, advocating intelligent design, rewriting textbooks, and the like. Levels of discourse have plummeted everywhere, from Reddit to Congress. Reagan made Bush possible. What will the Bush legacy spawn?
  • All in all, his end-of-term approval ratings were so low they fell down to numbers reminiscent of Richard Nixon after Watergate.
While misspending his youth, he managed to avoid military service by hiding in the National Guard, which he skipped out on early.

[edit] The Bush Administration also:

  • Intentionally outed an undercover CIA operative.
  • Saw into the eyes of Putin to find a great man.
  • Brought an Iranian Spy into his administration as an advisor (Ahmed Chalabi).
  • Shut down the government's anti-trust case against Microsoft.
  • Spent a billion dollars on a "virtual fence" which does not work.
  • Used private email servers to skirt FOIA.
  • Tried to privatize Social Security.
  • Tried to make homosexuality a replacement scapegoat for the GOP to bash as it left the southern strategy behind.
  • Lied to Congress and the American people to get into an unnecessary war, as Saddam obviously didn't have WMDs.
  • Disregarded intelligence estimates, and instead manufactured its own intelligence to support political goals, in the process forcing Colin Powell to push their bullshit in front of the UN.
  • Exerted political pressure to hide facts about climate change.
  • Fired U.S. Attorneys who wouldn't prosecute bogus voter fraud charges against Democrats, or who would prosecute fraud charges against Republicans.[32]
  • Attempted to override the judicial branch with the Terri Schiavo case.
  • Defied Congressional subpoenas,[33] destroyed documents that should not, by law, be destroyed,[34] and violated its own rules on document declassification.
  • The Congressional GOP had a spate of awful bribery and sex-abuse scandals.
  • Authorized torture — or, as they like to call systematic sleep deprivation and controlled drowning, "enhanced interrogation" — in blatant violation of both the U.S. Constitution and the Geneva Conventions...
  • You know what, screw it. Go on his Wikipedia page and you won't make it past the first few paragraphs.

[edit] Silver linings

  • The light bulb ban was OK.
  • Stood in front of a mosque and told America that Islam is not their enemy. That was nice of him.
  • He'll probably get praised for how he conducted himself with dignity in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Aside from that, he will get ripped to shreds in the history books. Then again, we thought that about Reagan, and history has been unnaturally kind to him to date, so... maybe not.
  • He massively funded anti-HIV efforts in Africa...though a serious shortcoming of PEPFAR is the insistence of abstinence as a qualifying factor.
  • You can argue that, while Medicare part D and the doughnut hole were a big piece of shit (uber-expensive, no discounts on prescription drugs), it got people's minds on the track of greater healthcare reform....though Medicare Part D was paid for on credit.
  • Put in place a Guest Worker Program for illegal immigrants... Of course, it was a futile attempt, as the people in his own camp blasted it as just another "pathway to amnesty."
  • His refusal to listen to Cheney after 2004 and firing of Rumsfeld in 2006, which enabled him to salvage... something... maybe... from Iraq. That saved him from going down as the worst or second-worst president in history. Bottom five, certainly.
  • He never really snapped at people, even though there was so much bad press directed at him, not to mention multiple impeachment attempts by the Democrats. That is essentially the best anyone can say about Bush. He seemed to take a kind of "above the fray" attitude towards all of the negativity. He even sat holding a children's book, waiting for his handlers to tell him what to do. Now that's poise!

[edit] The Pet Goat

The Pet Goat is a children's story about a pet goat that eats everything around. It is owned by a little girl who protests when her parents want to get rid of it. In the end the goat beats a car robber making it a hero. The moral of the story is that we must treat everybody else kindly because they will help us one day, even if we don't expect them to.[35]

Bush was reading this book with a group of youngsters at a photo-op school visit in Florida when he was informed of an aircraft hitting the World Trade Center on 9/11.[36] He was so engrossed by the prose of The Pet Goat that he kept right on reading with the kids for seven more minutes even after he was informed that a second plane had hit the towers. This is, without a doubt, proof of the enthralling nature of the goat, even to Dubya.[37] The Pet Goat was first brought up in Fahrenheit 9/11. (In all fairness, it's highly probable that he didn't want to frighten the children by alerting them to what was going on. Still creepy, though.)

[edit] "Throw Your Shoe at Bush"

During Bush's surprise visit to Iraq on December 14, 2008, a heroic angry heroic and angry Iraqi journalist, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, hurled his size 10 shoes at him during a news conference, calling him a "dog."[38] Showing remarkable skill, Dubya managed to dodge both shoes, but the incident has inspired myriad parodies.[39]

The journalist was sentenced to three years in the slammer, later reduced to 1 year,[40] and the shoes were destroyed, never to be hurled again. The shoes were destroyed by US and Iraqi security forces. That's right, it took a coalition to destroy the shoes. Probably one of our finest victories in the war.

[edit] "History will vindicate me."

I think the lens of history is not changing. A lot of us used to say President Bush will look good and he'll be vindicated in the public eye. But realistically speaking, I don't see a lot of the people who write history all of a sudden changing their mind about George W. Bush.
—Former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleisher[41]

A president's "legacy" has become a short-term version of their historical place in the pantheon; short-term, in that actual sitting presidents worry about it.

The whole world now knows that Bush's legacy will be that under his watch (apart from the domino effect which led directly to the formulation of DAESH,[42] leaving his own citizens to rot in New Orleans, etc.) what many consider to be the Second Great Depression started. Or, perhaps, the world's biggest "no eyes attached" bailout of the financial sector of the economy. Or maybe both? Either way, the first possibility simply sucks, and the second is socialism done really badly.

Dubya finished as the 36th president overall in an early 2009 poll of 65 historians conducted by C-SPAN.[43] He beat out luminary presidents such as Warren G. Harding, Millard Fillmore, and James Buchanan. The overall ranking was averaged from scores given in ten areas. Some examples:

  • 40th in economic management. He beat out the father of the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover, but couldn't quite get past the guy who died after only a month in office (William Henry Harrison). This is unfair to Hoover since he came into office seven months before the Wall Street Crash of 1929, while Bush had nearly eight years before his disaster. Hoover simply bungled the management of the Depression, while Bush played an active role in triggering the Great Recession.
  • 41st in international relations. He's dead last here unless you count his beating W.H. Harrison (see above).
  • 37th in administrative skills. So much for that MBA.

He is the first and perhaps only sitting President depicted in cinema wiping his ass.[44]

[edit] Burning his bridges behind him

George Bush has fucked up so bad, he made it hard for a white man to run for president! People are like, "give me a black man, a white woman, a giraffe, a zebra...ANYTHING but another white man! That last one fucked up my roof!"
—Chris Rock, Kill the Messenger

Bush campaigned as an outsider (how the son of a former President pulled that off remains a mystery) in 2000. He campaigned on fear of terrorists and gays in 2004 and won with moderates, evangelicals, and neocons. Which may illustrate why getting into government by running against government is America's oldest political tradition. (Just ask Jeb.)[45] It really does seem like people will line up for a kick in the balls as long as an immigrant gets one too, and then they'll still complain that the immigrant got a free kick in the balls.

Ironically, before 9/11 and Bush's presidency, a lot of Muslim and Hispanic-Americans were starting to vote Republican. Muslims had long skewed conservative, largely on social conservative grounds, but fled to the Democratic side when the right started treating them all as terrorists.[46]

On that note, conventional wisdom highly over-estimated how conservative the Cuban demo was.[47]The xenophobia really ramped up after GWB's immigration reform bill died in the Senate.[48][49] Bush tried 3 times to give immigrants amnesty. The Republican Party wouldn't hear of it. 4-5 million illegal immigrants came in under Bush II, benefiting the Administration's corporate friends, but not much of the GOP base. (You can see how well this worked out when Germany tried it.) And the GOP establishment wonders why the Trump supporters hate them when they insist on lying about their history on this and other issues.

[edit] Who is this "Bush" you speak of?

His people tried to palm responsibility for the recession off on Clinton and Obama,[50][51] but that did not play.[52][53]

No, really: many of today's Republicans now deride a POTUS they unanimously supported (or even wanted to make "president for life") as a RINO, having sold out all "true conservative principles."[54][55]

They were Bush-loving, rah-rah Republicans right up until public opinion started to dwindle; then suddenly it wasn't cool to be a Repub anymore, and they had to hide the fact that they voted twice for a dry-drunk idiot and his handlers. These weren't even Republicans, no, they were "independents" (who only ever vote "R"), or "libertarians" who supported everything the Bush junta did except maybe one or two things. Many of these people, by the way, declared they were "Tea Partiers" and "Taxed Enough Already" when their man lost again. [56]

This is yet another fit of wingnut negationism post-recession, spanning from Herbert Hoover's supposed crypto-socialism to Saint Reagan's spectacular efforts at fiscal restraint. Each time their ideas fail, they see the problem as being one of branding, rather than the ideas themselves being flawed. They are the German soldiers fleeing Berlin as the Allies approach, stopping only long enough to burn their uniforms.

[edit] Memoirs

In 2010, Bush published his memoirs, Decision Points, in which he defended using torture as an interrogation method (really pushing it there, are ya!) and described a bizarre moment when his mother showed him the fetus she'd miscarried. Also, of all the low points of his presidency, being called a racist by Kanye West was apparently the absolute worst, because it made him feel really sad inside.

However, in living up to his reputation that he'd never read a book in any depth, let alone written one, claims soon appeared stating that whole passages of his "memoir" were lifted wholesale from other books, especially those written by former aides.[57]

[edit] Torture

Since the release of this book, Amnesty International has been calling for his arrest every time he's left or attempted to leave the country, asserting it holds sufficient evidence that he had criminal knowledge of US torture. This caused him to cancel a trip to Geneva, Switzerland in February 2011; they repeated their demands on his trips to Canada in October 2011 and Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia in December 2011, but those countries were not so lucky.

Investigations of alleged (and admitted) war crimes unfortunately fail to start due to one crucial factor — it would be political suicide. Interestingly, the lack of evidence or prima facie existence of a case to be answered for has not been cited as a reason against prosecution, leaving open a window if the US ever changes its mind on "only looking forwards, not backwards." In Malaysia, Bush and Tony Blair have been convicted in absentia partially on the basis of this book; however the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (which found the conviction) is not recognised by any official body as a legitimate court.

Perhaps in an ideal world someone would bring him and his buddies to The Hague before he pops his clogs, but since the US has not ratified the Rome Statute it is almost certain they will not consider any case against him.[58] We'll probably get some truth commissionWikipedia's W.svg decades after the fact.

[edit] Irony, guilt or change-of-heart?

04/17/2014 - George W. Bush Debuts New Paintings of Dogs, Friends, Ghost of Iraqi Child That Follows Him Everywhere
The Onion

Living under the radar (compared to the constant scrutiny while in office), Bush and spouse have spent time in Africa opening and renovating medical clinics.[59]

He also spends time painting portraits of former White House dog Checkers Barney and other assorted crap.[60] The ones of himself in the shower are especially disturbing.

Mr. Bush is currently engaged in two part-time jobs, one as a paid speaker, and the other as scapegoat for the malfeasance of various elected officials.

[edit] Junta

  • Dick Cheney - De facto President of the United States. Currently rocking the J.R. Ewing look (as expected) and playing an advisory role in the Trump admin.
  • Karl Rove - Campaign strategist, de facto Chief of Staff
  • Paul Wolfowitz - Undersecretary of Defense (and de facto Secretary of Defense, and so on and on). The architect of the Iraq War and the man who brought much of the Bush staff together.
  • Donald Rumsfeld - Torturing POWs? There's an app for that![61] Forget the Iraqis; he was a bigger threat to U.S. soldiers. (He actually had to resign after a long while.)
  • Condi "Warrior Princess" Rice - Toothy Chevron executive. Ignored warnings of imminent attacks by Al-Qaida on US soil. When Katrina hit New Orleans, she used it as an excuse to go shopping? (not a good look for the highest-ranking African-American.)
  • John Ashcroft: Ultra-religious former Attorney General who covered a naked breast at the Justice Department,[62] prosecuted Martha Stewart, sings, and authored the PATRIOT Act.
  • Alberto Gonzales: You thought Ashcroft was bad? This guy ensured, by any means he knew how, that the United States would use torture. Fired attorneys at the Justice Department for not prosecuting Democrats enough or being loyal enough to Bush's agenda.

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  58. The ICC has considered cases against signatories that have not ratified the Statute in the past (eg. Sudan), however, these were guilty of outright genocide. They also didn't have an army of killer drones and a demonstrated propensity for illegal invasions.
  59. George and Laura Bush open clinic in Africa, Politico
  60. Fittingly, it appears that they were also mostly copied off of the Google.
  61. I’ve done business, politics, and war. Now I’m trying my hand at mobile gaming! The devs have managed to string along Rumsfeld through 172 builds and the better part of 2 years...for a Solitaire game. For once, the workers are exploiting the lack of knowledge of the capitalist.
  62. Ashcroft protects the boobies.
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