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A baramin on their way to Australia (not convicts).

The kangaroo (from family Macropodidae) is a mythical bi-pedal marsupial beast, known to inhabit the dreams of many "creation scientists". It hops around like a big rabbit, punching television hosts, and is well known for its propensity to navigate great distances across oceans on floating mats of vegetation — without eating their magic raft. After the global flood they obviously got to Australia somehow.

Since the kangaroo is the nominal goat of Australia,[1] there is surely some good eating to be had on one.[2]

Bouncing and maths[edit]

A kangaroo cannot possibly exist. By taking the weight of an average kangaroo and calculating the energy required to raise it to the height of the average kangaroo jump, then multiplying that by the average number of jumps a kangaroo makes a day, it turns out that the creature cannot possibly get enough energy in a day to move.[3] If they can't move, they can't eat; if they can't eat, they die; if they are dead, they can't mate; if they can't mate, they can't breed, and hence by the theory of evolution they don't exist. (See also bumblebee argument).

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  1. It is on the Coat of Arms and all.
  2. Tastes like chicken beef, but a little tougher.
  3. This is in Science of Discworld Revised Edition (2002) on page 38.