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This discord seems fantastic
We talk about people alot.
I thought this
was supposed to be

RationalMedia Foundation

Discord is a free text and voice communication app which works cross platform and in browsers.

The RationalWiki discord server has around 700 members.

The server owner is FuzzyCatPotato, however due to FCPs inactivity, management of the server is delegated to the Discord moderators, which are separate to the Rationalwiki moderators.


To join the server, click this:
Invite link

Discord mods[edit]

Discord moderators are elected, and can only be changed by the server owner FuzzyCatPotato (fcp#1356).

Complete list of RationalWiki discord moderators as of 09:47, 22 April 2019 (UTC).

  • @Kubbling#0006
  • @DiamondDisc1#2951
  • @fcp#1356
  • @MalaclypseSPY#9763
  • @Errico Malatesta#4050
  • @Mkbw50#1078
  • @United#7246
  • @Bigs#2563

Junior cops[edit]

Junior cops are appointed at the discord moderators discretion, and the member list can change at any time.

Complete list of RationalWiki discord junior cops as of 09:47, 22 April 2019 (UTC).

  • @Sqylice#3850
  • @Scott#2129
  • @voraciousarchivist#2239

2019 staff election[edit]

More information[edit]

See the Wikipedia article on Discord.

Our wordclouds[edit]

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List of members[edit]

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