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Information icon.svg While many users find the Discord servers listed below to be a useful resource, they are not officially sanctioned or controlled by the RationalMedia Foundation.
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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)

Discord is a free text and voice communication app which works cross platform and in browsers. Many RationalWiki users congregate on Discord, especially the following:

Note: These servers coexist and there is no competition between them; they just have different server cultures and moderation styles. One is not to be used to complain about the other.
  • RationalWiki Support Chat — Support server, more focused on wiki-related issues (server moderation team is the same from the wiki's)
  • RationalWiki Discord — General server, less focused on wiki-related issues (server moderation team is different from the wiki's)
  • RationalMedia Foundation — unofficial server for the purpose of discussion regarding the foundation itself (no drama)

The servers listed below are run by, or affiliated with RationalWiki users.

Although servers for Encyclopædia Dramatica, Uncyclopedia, Conservapedia, (and more) do exist, we advise you to take safety precautions if seeking them out.


List of members[edit]

Add yourself here - do not add other people here without their permission.