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Information icon.svg While many users find the Discord servers listed below to be a useful resource, they are not officially sanctioned or controlled by the RationalMedia Foundation.
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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)

Discord is a free text and voice communication app which works cross platform and in browsers. Many RationalWiki users congregate on Discord, especially the following:

Note: These servers coexist and there is no competition between them; they just have different server cultures and moderation styles. One is not to be used to complain about the other.
  • RationalWiki Support Chat — Support server, more focused on wiki-related issues (server moderation team is the same from the wiki's)
  • RationalWiki Discord — General server, less focused on wiki-related issues (server moderation team is different from the wiki's)

The servers listed below are run by, or affiliated with RationalWiki users.


List of members[edit]

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