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This is the RationalWiki "Help Desk". If you have a technical question or problem, start a new section on the talk page. Good, complete answers to FAQs should be saved in sub-files and linked from here.

Note: Some abilities are not available to anonymous and/or new editors. This is because we (the mob) are mean and want to dilute the actions of potential wandals. Reducing the abilities of such persons or bots also reduces the workload on hard-pressed sysops. Complaints may be addressed to anyone at all, 'cause nobody will do anything about it.

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Useful links

About the site

Being überKewl


Editing articles

  • To edit an article click on the edit tab or, if there is one, click on the [edit] link at the side of the particular section header (this makes it easier to find when dealing with long articles or talk pages).
  • Here's a sandbox to play around in.


Specific subjects


If you have any questions, please go to the talk page and create a new section.

More help to add?

If you add a page to this index please:

  1. put it in category:Help
  2. add a link to it in Template:Helpnav
  3. add template {{Helpnav}} or {{Helpnav|1}}
  4. add template {{Help:Index/indexer|keyword=keyword}} for each keyword you would like the page to appear under in Help:Index. After that, edit the index and replace everything with {{subst:/preload}}, then save it.