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Template:Wanted article

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{{{1}}}[{{fullurl:Draft:{{{1}}}|action=edit}} Create draft]

[edit] [purge] Documentation

Intended for use on the to do list, this will provide links for editing a draft of the specified page if it has not been created.

Looks nicer, more convenient, and doesn't spam wanted pages.


{{wa|page name}}

For example, if you wanted someone else to write "laziness":

{{wa|Laziness}} is wanting other people to do your own work.


LazinessCreate draft is wanting other people to do your own work.

See also

  • Special:WantedPages, for a list of pages that are currently red links on this wiki.
  • Template:Wpr, for in-text linking to Wikipedia in articles, but *also* creates a (presumably red) link to indicate this probably ought to exist on RW.