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Previously known as,, and a few other IPs. I created this account because I saw the advantage of having an account, but I really don't want my activities here tied to my real life identity, for reasons that most would understand if they knew. While in some ways I have a lot on in common with the typical RWer, there's lot of ways I'm the polar opposite of the typical RWer. I'm a rationalist, but also a fundamentalist Christian; I strictly believe in Biblical Christianity and I am essentially atheist towards any other supernatural hogwash, including popes and other Catholic BS, various people claiming to be prophets (I do believe in prophets, but I think most of the people claiming to be prophets today are full of it), psychics, mediums, witches and warlocks, ghosts and goblins (I believe in Heaven and Hell, no exceptions), Hindu BS such as Karma and past lives, Islamic BS, Pentecostal BS, mother nature/"The Universe" (it's an inanimate object created by God, it's not doing anything for or against you), etc. On the same token, atheistic abiogenesis and evolution through random chance sounds as ridiculous to me as the seven day creation story probably sounds to most atheists. I'm a libertarian leaning conservative, though I do see the need for law and order, I prefer less government intrusion in people's lives (abortion is the exception to that; I know I'm a minority here in that regard, but I have no respect for abortion or anything related to it). I'm also a fundamentalist Christian, but I'm also kind of a nihilist in that I have no doubts about the Holy Trinity and the King James Bible, but don't see the point in anything if God were not real. As such, atheists intrigue me in that I don't understand why they would put much effort into anything if they believe their ultimate fate is to go to sleep regardless of what they do, and that other humans all face the same fate. Another thing that intrigues me is how many so-called atheists get so offended over Christianity but don't have the same feelings about Hindu BS like Karma that has infiltrated "secular" societies without people even realizing it (I believe in God's Wrath if one does something evil, not that Karma is going to get them). It's actually scary how Hindu the "secular" world has become. All of these things considered, I'm not here to debate these matters (and ask respectfully that you don't try to start that), I'm here mainly to wikignome, correcting a spelling error here, reverting and blocking a vandal there, occasionally creating content in a fair, unbiased manner (well, unless it's in regards to an idiot that I feel the majority of RWers would agree is an idiot, such as Hitler, KKK members, Islamic terrorists, etc; in that case my bias would be that the subject is an idiot...), and once in a blue moon participating in a civil discussion. If you are reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Also, I have ADHD, bi-polar disorder, and autism spectrum disorder, so if I seem a little different than others, that's probably why... :-)