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I have been called many names, but "Jim" will suffice.

I recently converted to being a full-blown atheist after having wandered for some time as one of America's great "unaffiliated" people. I gave up Christianity some years ago after seeing how far Christians tend to go to cover up all the flaws in their logic. By extension, every other religion I've seen has similar, albeit different flaws. Based on that, I could never be a part of any religion again given the fact that it always seems to me that any given religious institution is centered around giving more power, not to the followers of the religion, but to the leaders of that religion. Our local archbishop's (John Nienstedt's) venomous attacks on the liberties of gay people and women's rights seem to be a prime example of why I look at all religion with a suspicious eye.

I should also add that, being in my late 40's, I have limited technical ability. Sure, I can find my way around a website and can figure things out by guess-and-check, but I'm not very good at writing code or anything. So if I see something I'm not sure how to do, I'll just place a comment somewhere and please bear with me.