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You know your own beliefs are wrong when:

  • you have to constantly limit what people can say (90/10)
  • you feel inclined to silence others' views (block)
  • you believe most experts are wrong and that the common man knows more
  • you feel the need to constantly generalize and assume.
  • you only listen to those who agree with you
  • you are afraid to openly debate opposing views (Ken)
  • you believe what you feel is more likely to be correct than what you know
  • your website has 40,000 user blocks and about 12 highly active users.

Why I'm here[edit]

Other than providing a rational POV, I am here because I believe in rationality, against the fundamentalists out there. I equate conservapedia and Andrew Schlafly with the fundamentalist Muslims who seek to kill those who are different. Sure, CP doesn't condone violence, I understand that. However, it is my firm belief that with their articles, most notably cp:homosexuality, spew nothing but hate. Hate creates violence. I strongly believe that.

My goal is to make RationalWiki compete with Wikipedia on the notion that people can come here to learn and analyze the extremists who seek to literally dumb our culture down from actual science and, well, reality. RationalWiki is not an encyclopedia, but that doesn't mean people cannot learn like one can from Wikipedia; they can complement each other.

The truth is never completely liberal, nor completely conservative. Ever. Nothing is always a conspiracy- I believe humans seek to know, even if someone lives their lives according to a storybook such as the Bible. For this reason, RationalWiki can serve to understand how and why some choose to live their life in complete ignorance. It is appalling, but it is something we must grasp to understand. Understand to recognize it. Understand to outsmart it. To defeat it.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

- Einstein


Political compass:
Economic Left/Right: -2.62
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.08

Analysis: very moderate, because I consider the needs of my country and its long term stability before my own beliefs.

wigos I've made[edit]

130Koward wonders how Obama's moderate presidency will end in a mountain of skulls, just like Pol Pot.img
23Yes, Jpatt, the trustworthy encyclopedia should have a trustworthy quote that declares that there is no leader in the country.img
202User: I kindly ask that my account be deleted after realizing how much scholarly pathetic satire featuring flying kittens there is on this site because I am more than thatimg Andy: Your logical criticism Parthian shot is unpersuasive and you're a liberal.img Ken: The atheist is just selfish.img Then Ed saves the best for last: ...You just insult us and refuse to help out on our popular, well-researched and comprehensive articles and I have tried so hard but those liberals don't want anyone checking their work or removing errors!img
204This just in: The Bible explains dead fishimg better than atheists can.
100Andy: Look everyone I'm not the only crazy one! Nearly a quarter of Americans continue to have doubts about whether Obama was born hereimg... Oh, I mean, before the release of his long-form birth certificate, which has since fallen to 10%. Typical Assfly.