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Blind faith is a pejorative use of the term faith used to highlight the lack of information involved in matters of faith.


[edit] Faith and blind faith?

If your retina ended up in the same state regardless of what light entered it, you would be blind. Some belief systems, in a rather obvious trick to reinforce themselves, say that certain beliefs are only really worthwhile if you believe them unconditionally - no matter what you see, no matter what you think. Your brain is supposed to end up in the same state regardless. Hence the phrase, "blind faith". If what you believe doesn't depend on what you see, you've been blinded as effectively as by poking out your eyeballs.
Eliezer Yudkowsky

Semantically speaking, there is no difference between simple "faith" and a blind variant of it - less snarky sources don't really consider it a real distinction. Faith is based upon a hope or trust that something is true despite (and often because of) a lack of evidence or proof. The use of "blind" appended to it doesn't actually change this definition, but instead tries to bring to the fore all the negative connotations of someone believing regardless of what they can see and experience. Because of this, faith becomes absolute, uncritical and unchanging, and therefore the opposite of open minded.

[edit] More

Blind faith is jumping from a building when someone tells you it's on fire, but you don't check to see if there's anyone down there to rescue you. Or if the building's even on fire to begin with.

Blind faith is the sort of thing people who think a smile and a firm handshake qualifies as due diligence promote as a virtue.

Blind faith is believing that two boats and a helicopter don't count as divine intervention.[1]

Blind faith is [relying on] the evidence of ... things not observed.

Yup, that about explains it and Martin Luther agreed.

Blind faith is kissing Karl's ass because two weird guys told you that Hank wanted you to.

Blind faith is considered a virtue (in others)... by salesmen, politicians, con artists, and evangelists.

Blind faith is the ability to ignore scientific evidence because someone you trust told you to.

The difference between faith and blind faith has yet to be demonstrated.

In the end, blind faith means that one is, well, blind.

Blind Faith was a rock supergroup of the 1960s famous for having Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, and Steve Winwood in the band and infamous for picturing a naked 11-year-old-girl holding a phallic model aeroplane on their only album cover; a little weird, that. The album included two songs with religious overtones, In the Presence of the Lord and Can't Find My Way Home.

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  1. An old joke about a rabbi who drowns in a flood... the punchline runs basically to - Rabbi: "God, why did you abandon me?" God: "I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more did you want?"
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