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Chateau Heartiste

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Chateau Heartiste is an MRA/PUA blog run by a guy named James C. Weidmann, formerly known as "Roissy" or "Roissy in D.C." One of the sneeriest and most vicious websites of its ilk, arguably even nastier than its compatriot Roosh V, and written in a bombastic, overheated ramble, Roissy's speciality seems to be evolutionary psychological woo. He rants at length about how women having careers, not marrying at age 14,[1] and not looking like airbrushed supermodels[2] is a violation of evolutionary principles, and how women's economic freedom leaves the majority of men with no means of attracting or attaining sex from them, thus leaving them with no incentive to work, thus leading to the collapse of civilizations.

Let the hate flow through you[edit]

Roissy is also a White Nationalist. He says he opposes the movement, but only because it is "not sexist enough" for him — and worth nothing is that a particular hatred for white women would appear to be an integral part of the movement.[3] Otherwise, his talking points are the same. He does not even try to hide his racism: He thinks "white civilization" is getting destroyed[4] as it is "overrun by Uruk-Hai".[5] The only solution to the terrible prospect of Whites becoming a minority is, according to Roissy, to forcefully deport all minorities.[6] However, this will not happen as, according to him, the "elites" have an "anti-white ideology" and plan to destroy the white race.[7][8]

Combining his two pastimes of sexism and racism, Roissy's most whacked out claim so far is that Adolf Hitler was a beta male who wouldn't have started WWII if he'd read his site.[9] It's not clear how ruling an empire with an iron fist, conquering a swathe of Europe, giving rousing speeches in front of thousands of adoring spectators and killing millions of people would a "beta" male make.

But don't worry! He can still have a laugh about it![10] Roissy appears to be an "omega"-capitalist, as evidenced by the absence of ads and corporate sponsorship of his website - making it obvious that he is not in it for the money, but rather for the approval-seeking attention ("omega"-male characteristic) of the manosphere, despite his claims of being an alpha.

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