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Men Going Their Own Way

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The Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement is an offshoot of the men's rights movement consisting of a weird type of straight male separatism. Basically, MGTOWers buy into the same rhetoric MRAs spread ("society is actually biased against men, not women!" etc.), but instead of doing something about it (what MRAs mistakenly imagine themselves to be doing), MGTOWers have decided to stay away from women altogether, or, since that is hard, not entering romantic relationships with women (hence "going their own way"). In other words, it's a hilarious analog to the lesbian separatism movement. It's unclear if the movement has any power beyond "disgruntled douchebags talking shit about women (in general) on the Internet." As a general rule, the reaction of sane people is "Sure, do go your own way and stop whining already!"

The "going their own way" part is often framed not just as self-preservation, but as some kind of "strike" that is supposed to punish women. Apparently in the worldview of some (if not most) MGTOWers, women are some kind of succubi-like creatures, seducing men with their feminine wiles in order to exploit them and unable to live support themselves without men to exploit. (It's worth mentioning that there's a strong whiff of literal misogyny wafting around many in the movement.) There are amusing parallels here with the notion of "going Galt" that is popular among wingnuts who overestimate their importance in the grand scheme of things.

Occasionally, proponents of the movement will advocate that Western men try marrying Asian women instead, as they are "apparently" more demure and submissive. Asian-American feminists and other decent human beings are wholly disgusted[1][2][3] by this idea, as are the MGTOWers that also frequent Stormfront. At least lesbian separatists have real patriarchal traumas to justify their extremism...

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