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Infowars is the World Wide Web home of Alex Jones' frustratingly long hodge-podge of conspiracy theories and various forms of denialism. The advertisements will link to more woo and pseudoscience scams. Occasionally they will try to sell you into another part of Alex Jones' media empire, such as PrisonPlanet TV. Has something to do with the Constitution Party although sometimes Alex says something in line with Libertarian principles.

The site is quite popular, with an Alexa ranking of around 1000.[1] Infowars even has some (though certainly not a huge) amount of following even on the far left. It may be that the site appeals more to persons who possess crank magnetism than to persons of a particular political ideology.

Granted, Infowars will at times discuss actual facts and topics that the mainstream media does not cover or does not cover substantively, so part of the site's appeal may come from its factual or counter-factual filling of the gaps the mass media intentionally leaves.

Much like NaturalNews, citing Infowars in an argument usually means you are completely wrong, or you may be so off your view is literally beyond wrong.[2]

[edit] Just plain stupid

One Infowars contributor argued that the mandatory viewing in public schools of the acclaimed historical biopic about slavery, 12 Years a Slave, was a tactic to "control children in government internment camps — also known as public schools" and to promote "self destructive tribalism"[3].

Ironically, Jones loves to cite history to "wake" the sheeple.

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  2. Yet everyone on youtube does it
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