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Not to be confused with a dick army, or the or those who believe in a certain kind of dick army.
An Armey of Dick.
With a name like Dick Armey, making a fag joke is a little redundant.
—Bill Maher[1]

Richard Keith "Dick" Armey is a former Representative from the 26th Congressional District of Texas. He served as House Majority Leader from 1995 to 2003. He worked closely with Newt Gingrich on the "Contract With America" during the "Republican Revolution" of 1994.

Since leaving Congress, he has worked for DLA Piper, a major law firm and lobbying shop. He also chaired conservative pressure group and astroturfing organization FreedomWorks, which has been responsible for the organized disruptions of town hall meetings about universal health care. He was forced to leave his position at DLA Piper due to a conflict of interest between his clients there and his work for FreedomWorks.