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EvoWiki, formally known as the Evolution Education wiki, is a dormant-stage wiki encyclopedia with more than 3,000 articles, glossary pages, essays, and book reviews. It focuses on evolution and origins education, as well as refuting creationist and intelligent design creationist arguments from the perspective of mainstream science.[1]

EvoWiki's encyclopedic content includes basic level articles giving a general introduction to a subject that lead to technical articles giving more in depth coverage of the same subject.

Its most notable and controversial content is its staggeringly large catalog of refutations of arguments against the theory of evolution or in favor of young Earth or intelligent design creationism.[2] The list occasionally mirrors issues treated in Mark Isaak's famous Index of Creationist Claims at the talk.origins archive[3] but provides hundreds of well researched and documented supplemental and complimentary entries rather than duplicate talk.origins material.[4]

EvoWiki's effective treatment of creationist canards earned it the ire of the angry biblical literalists at CreationWiki who created several articles attempting to rebut refutations made on EvoWiki in typical creationist fashion.[5]

In addition to its great volume of material focused on science education, EvoWiki has disappointingly mediocre and unflattering articles on Conservapedia,[6] Rationalwiki,[7] and CreationWiki.[8].

EvoWiki went offline in December 2008 due to technical problems that remained unfixed for a year and a half, finally returning in June 2010. Because of this long downtime, the site was very inactive until it was eventually taken down in November 2010 due to the cost of hosting. EvoWiki is now a project of the RationalWiki Foundation located at its new domain: evolutionwiki.org. It is not open for general editing.

[edit] Current situation

EvoWiki is locked to changes except by a few curator users. The Wiki is now owned by the RationalMedia Foundation, and our goal is to port over relevant material to RationalWiki to be worked on while maintaining access to all the information currently on the site. To learn how to participate please visit the EvoWiki project page.

[edit] Footnotes

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