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NASA is an evil machine of liberal deceit which wastes decent, hardworking, Christian tax dollars on "proving" that Earth is, get this, round, and orbits the sun. No really, that's exactly what these loopnuts believe. Pray for them, that they might point their telescopes to Heaven. George C. Deutsch, the NASA spokesperson under President Bush II, said so!

Their ludicrous claims[edit]

NASA claims to do many things, ALL OF THEM LIES. NASA has claimed to have landed on the moon but we all know why that isn't possible.

The truth[edit]

NASA is involved with the Illuminati plot to take over the world and install New World Order as the world government and then kill 80% of the poplulation! They plan to do this through Project Blue Beam, and then they will put everyone in FEMA concentration camps. They might also try to use Mind control to take over the world, everyone put on your Tinfoil hats!