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Mind control

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Mind control is the idea that internal thoughts, emotions and decisions can be externally controlled against a person's will through psychological, physical, or paranormal means. The concept is similar to brainwashing, and in some circumstances could be synonymous. However, brainwashing is traditionally more focused on the very real psychological induction techniques used in cults to alter belief systems overtime, while mind control is more the realm of conspiracy theories and cranks which postulate nefarious techniques and devices that can control all forms of the thought and behavior nearly instantaneously and often from remote locations.

Mind control conjectures usually focus on plots from the New World Order[1][2] attempting to control all of humanity. Mechanisms of mind control are usually claimed to be physical or chemical in structure. Some common purported mind control devices include extreme low frequency generators such as HAARP, Cell towers[3] or the Russian woodpecker signal, also chemical mechanisms such as water fluoridation and Chemtrails are popular culprits. Some conspiracy theorist postulate more paranormal sources of mind control such as an army of secret CIA psychics hidden in the Pentagon.

Several psychological disorders such as schizophrenia are often associated with the belief that the patient is being manipulated through mind control mechanisms. Untreated these delusions can reach astounding proportions of complexity, the internet has provided fertile ground for mass publication of voluminous treatise on personal mind control journeys. In fact, that is pretty much what was for. Most mind control stories present a problem similar to Poe's Law, it is really hard to separate a true crank from an untreated schizophrenic.

The one thing though that everyone can agree on is that tinfoil hats are your best defense, and as Pascal's wager points out it is better safe than sorry.

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  1. [ Must See! How The ILLUMINATI uses Television to Control Your Mind!
  2. Apparently TV programs are called Programs because of this reason
  3. Not helped that many celltowers erected today are hidden from plain sight