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Where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise.
—Thomas Gray

Ignorance is lack of knowledge regarding a particular subject. It should not be confused with stupidity; many people might be uninformed (ignorant) about the facts of, say, evolution, but are quite knowledgeable (not stupid) on many other subjects. Education (below or at university level) tends not to instill reasoning power, but teaches how to pass various tests. The competition of peer pressure and religious teaching can easily overwhelm the teaching of compulsory (and therefore less liked by students) secular education. The beliefs of parents are the third leg of information input. It ain't the poor dear's fault—it's the fault of the system. Homeschooled people might receive misinformation from all three education directions.

Propaganda is the attempt to influence the ignorant by pushing information with a particular point of view (POV).

Remember: your propaganda is my information (and vice versa).

Of course "ignorance ≠ stupidity" has the corollary "knowledge ≠ intelligence." The guy who wins the quiz down at the pub is in all probability not the most intelligent, just the most knowledgeable about trivia.

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