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Jim Allister whining like a little bitch, as usual.
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Jim Allister is the lovechild of Alfred Hitchcock a Northern Irish far-right unionist politician who's the leader of the TUV (Traditional Unionist Voice). Since the party was established in 2007, they've only ever managed to get one seat in the Northern Ireland assembly, pathetic. Perhaps his party's vicious sectarianism and homophobia could have something to do with it.

Jim is kinda like having hemorrhoids, no-one likes him and you just want him to fuck off, but he keeps coming back.

[edit] Sectarianism, homophobia and bigotry

He previously worked as a member of the Democratic Unionist Party from when the party was enacted in 1971 to 1987, he unfortunately showed his face again in politics in 2004 when he returned to the party, but left again in 2007 after the party agreed to enter government with Sinn Fein.[1] Jimmy considers Sinn Fein terrorists due to their links to the IRA, but this didn't stop him from working with the UDA in the 80s[2], and hiring a guy to work in his party who held a gun to a Catholic citizen's head[3] (Only terrorism when it's not unionist, eh, Jim?) He proves time and time again he doesn't know shit about politics. He whines about the IRA on a daily basis but he nonetheless awkwardly attempts to defend the Israeli government killing innocent Palestinians in a debate with George Galloway[4](Jesus Christ, Jim! Get a job in something you won't embarrass yourself in).

Jim also spends a lot of time being angry that it's not the 11th-century anymore, he's opposed to virtually any form of equality. Ian Paisley campaigned to keep male homosexuality illegal in the Save Ulster from Sodomy campaign in the 1980s, which Allister supported, when asked in 2013 if his views had changed on LGBT equality, he admitted he wished homosexuality was still illegal.[5] He was also delighted when he heard about Uganda's campaign to give LGBTQ people life imprisonment sentences and even the death penalty.[6] Mr. Allister is also a creationist, yeah, it's fair to say that cranks attract cranks[7]

Being the fascist crackpot he is, he only tends to favor freedom of speech when it lines up with his agenda. When a bigoted nutcase called Islam "the spawn of the devil" and "Satanic", Jim ran to his defense (being a fellow Islamophobe).[8] However, when a liberal held up a sign at a gay pride parade saying "Jesus had two dads and he turned out just fine", he lost his shit.[9]

Despite being vehemently opposed to LGBTQ equality, he regularly fantasizes over Donald Trump[10] and even stole Trump's "Drain the Swamp" catchphrase in the 2017 Northern Ireland election.[11]

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