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Michael T. Snyder is a fundamentalist Christian crank who has started numerous blogs as a testament to his raging insane belief that the world is about to end. He started with The Economic Collapse Blog in 2007, with constant articles stating how the world is going to hell every single day since the meltdown started in 2007. It seems as though Snyder blames the government for every ill in the world, because without it everything would be great.

Like most doom-sayers, it doesn't seem to faze Snyder one bit that every one of his past predictions of economic collapse were dead wrong. This horrendous track record would cause most people to reevaluate their beliefs in the effort to one day be right. Yet, he simply refuses to even address or acknowledge that he has been wrong thousands of times, especially if you count each numbered item of his massive lists. He seems to have explosive diarrhea of the mind that no amount of logic can slow or stop.


[edit] Who is this nut?

Michael T. Snyder states on his contact page that he is an undergraduate in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and possesses a law degree with an LLM (legal emphasis, not stated) from the University of Florida law school. He has supposedly worked in "numerous Washington DC law firms," but quit to live outside of Seattle and rage at the world through the internet. Or as Snyder puts it, "Now I mostly focus on trying to make a difference in the world."

He also states very clearly, "I am a Christian, but I believe that most of the churches in America have gotten way off track." Snyder has recently posted a statement of faith[1] in which he states that he believes that the Bible is literally true and that Jesus is coming down in person soon to start the end times to punish all the non-believers.[2] After which Jesus will start his thousand year reign over Earth.

Otherwise Snyder is very tight lipped about himself, which makes it hard to find out what drove him mad.

[edit] The Economic Collapse blog and clones

The Economic Collapse Blog plays to the heart strings of every survivalist, tax protester, extreme libertarian, and rapture-ready nut that can access the internet. The unfortunate part is that many cranks post the articles far and wide, to the groans of many people who have pointed out that time itself has proven all of the blogs posts over a year old (the longest time frame in Snyder's prediction range) dead wrong. Driving people insane with these unrelenting articles about global failure is very encouraged by the author as well: "Please do not hesitate to spread these articles wherever you would like. I want as many people as possible to read them. Hopefully the things I write are helping a few more people to wake up."

The only ones who will survive are the ones believing in the mantra of 3 G's (Gold, Guns, and God). If you don't have enough of the products to survive the shit hitting the fan, you can always click any of the links at the top of the main page to buy it!

Recently, it seems apparent that Snyder has begun to realize his original blog has started to gain a long history of mocking reviews and refutations. He has created 2 clones of The Economic Collapse Blog called End of the American Dream and The Most Important News. These pages post the exact same pages and articles as The Economic Collapse Blog, just with different names and color schemes.

The contact pages[3] have started to include Snyder's StumpleUpon account with a user name called Matthew517,[4] which strangely posts his resident state as Virginia. The StumpleUpon account posts the exact same articles as The Economic Collapse Blog series of websites.

The interest area of this account is very amusing in that it links in very large and bold letters to subjects like aliens, alternative news, banking, Christian, Conservative Politics (Snyder has stated numerous times that he is "non-partisan"), end times, Survivalism, and Swine Flu.

[edit] Why is the economy going to collapse?

Well, because of everything. Literally everything can be distorted in Snyder's mind to cause the economy to go into a death spiral. Each "article" is a long list of points, often times a paragraph in length, along the lines of a Gish Gallop with a number of PRATTs mixed in just for fun.

Pay a tax? That will steal money away from your children and make the economy collapse.[5]

Believe anything the government says? They are corrupt and will collapse the economy as well.[6]

Think the Fed isn't a conspiracy? Silly sheeple.[7]

The mainstream media is lying to everyone![8]

The government needs to get their hands off of our light bulbs![9]

Think you will have enough food to live on, even if you can grow your own? YOU FOOL![10]

[edit] Christian blog

Snyder has created a new blog recently where he attempts to interpret the Bible called What The Bible Says About.... Considering his older signs of insanity claims to fame, this blog doesn't disappoint. It is filled with the same writing style and format, along with headers leading people to buy books by other fundamentalist cranks. Great topics include:

  • Christians can drink, but if they feel any effects of alcohol it's a sin.[11]
  • We are all lawbreakers of God's will. Including loving anything more than God at any time, doing anything on the sabbath, not honoring your mother/father completely, ever hating or holding anger towards anything/anyone, or lusting after a women (even thinking, including your own wife).[12]
  • Anyone who hasn't accepted the word of God like Snyder has is equivalent to rapists, murderers, and child molesters.[13]
  • Divorce is only acceptable if there is adultery or if one's spouse is not Christian. This does not include abuse. Snyder states that this is "because God knows best."[14]

Snyder is against homosexuality, and all sex outside of marriage. He does state first and foremost one thing that stands him out from the pack of fundamentalists, in that people should still love gays like every other one of God's creations.[15] So, y'know, at least there's that.

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[edit] Footnotes

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