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A mirror image of Nancy Pelosi's official photo.

Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from January 2007 to January 2011; she has continued as the House Minority Leader and another in a long list of liberal boogey(wo)men. She is a Catholic Democrat from San Francisco, representing the district that encompasses the city, and you know what that means.

She self-describes as a "liberal Democrat" and has a generally left-leaning voting record. The ever-trustworthy National Journal has given her liberal scores of 86, 90, 92.3, and 83 for the 108th, 109th, 110th, and 111th Congresses respectively.[1] She has been specifically singled out by the principled conservative opposition for her spreading of San Francisco Values. While she does have a highly favorable rating from the Human Rights Campaign (along with 176 other politicians[2]), she has no significant record of pursuing social causes of any kind, let alone gay issues.

She also has a history, of well, partisan pontificating. In 2008, at the conclusion of the hearings for the original bailout bill, she decided it would be a wonderful time to go on about how the Republicans were the source of the nation's problems, and their inability to compromise, yada yada. This was hardly the most helpful thing to do in the situation, as it aggravated many of the conservatives whose support was necessary, and contributed to its failure to pass.[3]

[edit] Conservative sex symbol

In 2013 an image of a "Miss Lube Rack of 1959" supposedly resembling Pelosi was spread around the Internet in "a bit of political tomfoolery."[4] Despite the fact that Pelosi would have been 11 at the time the photo was actually taken in 1951. It makes you wonder why wingnuts were so... adamant to find a picture of her in her twenties.

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