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Rebecca Carley

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Rebecca Carley is a former medical doctor who was found mentally unfit to practice medicine after urinating and defecating on herself in front of a police officer[1]. She later became a spokesperson for the anti-vaccine movement. In addition to incoherently rambling at anti-vaccine conventions Rebecca Carley continues to practice medicine (without a licence) online and via the phone to both people and pets. She claims to be able to cure just about everything from asthma and autism to multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease[2].

She maintains a stream of consciousness website in the style of Time Cube complete with self-authored political cartoons of mosquitoes and a Kent Hovind like money challenge for anyone to come on her internet radio show and prove vaccines are safe. The rules of the contest are not made clear, nor the reality of the money. All we know is that her "listeners will decide the truth." She spammed her "challenge" to several medical organizations and uses auto-replies as proof that they promised to respond but never did [3].

In all seriousness, Rebecca Carley is clearly, very mentally ill. All her licences were revoked because of her extreme mental disturbances. The fact that the anti-vaccine movement is so quick to embrace her and shop her "credentials" around is proof either of malicious liars or complete idiots. Either way it should be obvious Carley and any organization that promotes her has no business giving advice about how to keep children healthy.

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