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The Sedona Method is a roll-your-own New Age self-administered psychotherapy, claiming to release you from emotional baggage and bring you prosperity.

It was created by a fellow called Lester Levenson after a heart attack in 1952. He invented the method and apparently lived another forty-two years until his death in 1994, free of cares. The current manifestation is courtesy of his student Hale Dwoskin, CEO of Sedona Training Associates; it was originally called Freedom Now, until it was renamed with the assistance of New Age marketer Christopher John Payne.[1][2]

It closely resembles The Secret, a comparison they are not fond of.

On the benignity scale, it's closer to "mostly-harmless and expensive" than "Scientology-lite". The twenty-CD pack is $400 (and Joseph Mercola sells them[3]).

[edit] The method

The method is just a few simple questions,[4] apparently requiring $400 of CDs to fully comprehend:

Step 1: Focus on an issue you would like to feel better about.

Step 2: Ask yourself one of the following questions: Could I let this feeling go? Could I allow this feeling to be here? Could I welcome these feelings?

Step 3: Ask yourself the basic question: Would I? Am I willing to let go?

Step 4: Ask yourself this simpler question: When?

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