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Sex education is the process of teaching someone about the basic functioning and safe operation of the human reproductive system. Most Westernized countries have pretty good Sex Ed, but the Bush administration didn't, because he liked "abstinence programs" because they were more moral and stuff.

For a real sex education, consult a few or all of the following authors, all of whom have a great deal to say on the subject that doesn't call it dirty or pornify it:

  • Dr. Alex Comfort -- The Joy of Sex, etc. Opened a wide world to healthy, fun sexuality.
  • Tracey Cox[1] -- Author of Hot Sex and Hot Relationships.
  • Betty Dodson[2] -- Author of Sex for One and promoter of masturbation, both solo and mutual. Now professionally partnered with Carlin Ross, a lawyer and feminist sex activist.
  • Robie Harris[3] and Michael Emberley[4] -- Authors of a series of kid's books on sex and the body, including the wildly popular and controversial It's Perfectly Normal.
  • Laci Green[5] -- Online sex educator, creator and host of weekly Youtube show Sex+[6] directed towards teens and young adults. The show focuses on topics such as body image, gender, sexual orientation and sex-positivity, with an informal approach.
  • Nina Hartley[7] -- Porn star, registered nurse[8] and producer of sex instruction videos.
  • Anne Hooper[9] -- Author of numerous glossy sex guides published by Dorling-Kindersley.
  • Paul Joannides -- Author of The Guide To Getting It On, an exhaustive doorstop of a book that should be required reading for anyone considering sexual activity.
  • Dan Savage -- Author of the syndicated "Savage Love"[10] sex advice column, liberal political activist (remember Santorum?) and alt-weekly newspaper editor.
  • Annie Sprinkle[11] -- Former porn star and sex education researcher and advocate.
  • Tristan Taormino[12] -- Sex educator and feminist pornographer. Her "Sex Out Loud" radio show is available as a podcast on iTunes.
  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer[13] -- You've heard of Dr. Ruth. Everyone has heard of Dr. Ruth. Sex For Dummies is actually really good.
  •[14] and Go Ask Alice[15] - online sex-ed resources for teens/young adults.

These writers are all likely to give you a better perspective on sex than some Federally-mandated, quasi-religious "don't do it" program.

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