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The "Slymepit" is a discussion board that began as a series of unhinged discussion threads on the ScienceBlogs site of formerly-respected virologist-blogger Abbie "ERV" Smith in the wake of Elevatorgate and moved to its own site as a result of National Geographic's takeover of ScienceBlogs. Its entire reason for existing is to create a massive circlejerk around the meme that "feminism is poisoning atheism," and as a result is heavily dominated by the kind of atheists who tend to prefer leaving their prejudices about women, economics, and occasionally race unexamined.

They don't particularly like RationalWiki, and have adopted Slymepitter Franc Hoggle's term "baboons" used originally to describe PZ Myers and Pharyngula. They also really don't like Rebecca Watson, PZ Myers, Jen McCreight, or anyone who calls them out on their crap. The entire exercise seems to be one enormous justification for being allowed to hit on women on elevators in the wee hours of the morning. A bit of a productivity waste, eh?

Its existence is more sad and pathetic than anything else; outside their unexamined prejudices, a lot of Slymepitters were formerly respected, but have been largely ostracized from the more self-questioning sides of skepticism, and therefore see themselves as being bullied by mean ol' women and manginas. There's some overlap with the men's rights movement here.

The term also refers to the overall culture of people who believe and/or promote Slymepittish things, even if they aren't, strictly speaking, a member of the group.

[edit] See also

  • Elision
  • Privilege: A concept that a great many Slymepitters seem to have a major problem understanding.
  • Thunderf00t: A fallen star and Slymepit hero.

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