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If you are looking for internet cooks, we have a list of recipes for you to become one.

The following is a partial list of Internet kooks -- people who have widely disseminated their woo across the intarwebs, or just generally tend to be nuisances. Some are also kooks in real life. Some do not technically exist.


[edit] Wingnut (or Moonbat) cloggers

  • Theodore Beale, aka "Vox Day": Viciously hateful misogynist, Christian fundamentalist, and conspiracy theorist - as well as a self-published hack SF/fantasy author. If some of that sounds familiar, fear not — Beale is nowhere near as charismatic.
  • Glenn Beck: of course, best known for his time on Fox News, and CNN Headline News before that, but his primary TV venue these days is video shown through his website, The Blaze.
  • Cathy Brennan: Transphobic radical feminist and all-around drama llama with a thing for harassing trans bloggers. Once had an attempt to smear Freethought Blogger Natalie Reed backfire hilariously by producing "mocking" memes that managed to make Reed look awesome and Brennan clueless.
  • Eric Dondero: A nuke-the-Middle East Republican fanatic who thinks he is a libertarian. This particular bundle of contradictions is actually not all that uncommon, but Dondero is hyperactive about spamming every Internet forum imaginable with his barely-coherent wingnuttery. He attacks big-L Libertarians for not being pro-war, libertarian-leaning Democrats for not being Republicans, anti-war Republicans for not being real Republicans, and his former boss, Ron Paul (who fired him), for just about everything. Following Barack Obama's 2012 re-election, Dondero pledged to never again speak to any Democrat or anyone he suspected of sympathizing with Democrats, and urged his followers to immediately divorce Democrat spouses, disown any and all family members and friends who are Democrats, and quit their jobs if their bosses are Democrats. Dondero also stated that he frequently asks supermarket cashiers what "EBT" means, so when they reply that it's a government assistance program, he can loudly berate them for accepting welfare recipients.[1]
  • Paul Elam: Professional hater of women and proprietor of the "A Voice For Men" blog. Unfathomably awful person, not entirely unlike Vox Day as a matter of fact.
  • John Hawkins Totally insane wingnut who runs the website Right Wing News. Has made a career out of making "lists" that prove liberals are the real [insert any insult]. A transphobic,[2] race-baiting,[3] global warming denying, conspiracy theorist,[4] he fits right in at, another site he regularly contributes too. He is so devoted to making the "conservative" movement pure that he thinks Republicans like Peter King should be voted out of office for not being extreme enough.[5]
  • Victor Ivanoff [6](aka Franc Hoggle and Felch Grogan): formerly a reasonably sane commenter on atheist boards; went absolutely nuts after "Elevatorgate" and started to viciously and obsessively attack PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson, and other bloggers he doesn't like (including us)[7]. Probably a MRA; definitely batshit insane and possibly Australia's answer to Dennis Markuze, or perhaps the Peter Joseph to Markuze's Alex Jones. Runs a blog called Grey Lining (no link—hate speech rule) where he rants obsessively about the targets of his rage. His rather masturbatory behavior has been named "hoggling"[8] by the people he ridicules.
  • Milton Kleim: early promoter of neo-Nazism on Usenet. Renounced racism, not really a kook now.
  • Karol Florian Madera: Schizophrenic Canadian amateur radio operator who bills himself as "Radio Canada." He operates a station on the high frequency radio bands and makes it his aim to slander U.S. citizens nearly every day over the airwaves. He has threatened the U.S. ambassador to Canada and a 13 year old boy from Minnesota, and expressed hopes that someone would deploy roadside bombs against Americans, and stated he would give Al-Qaeda aid and comfort. Mr. Madera also has a website that slanders those he identifies as his enemies, most of whom are American amateur radio operators.
  • Eric S. Raymond: Selectively insane when it comes to politics, climate change, and race; largely competent in terms of software and related issues, although he has a habit of vastly overrating said expertise, to the exasperation of pretty much anyone who's worked with him.
  • Lew Rockwell: a ventriloquist dummy formerly owned by Ron Paul; it is apparently now possessed with the undying, eternally mad spirits of Ludwig von Mises and Nathan Bedford Forrest. Its spirits apparently imbue it with the ability to write articles that seem to intentionally obfuscate the distinction between libertarianism and fascism.
  • François Tremblay: With his partner Alison "Hellbound Alleee" Randall, created Insolitology, a collection of Internet kooks. Tremblay would be a skeptical ally except for his out-of-control seething contempt for anyone who isn't an anarchist like him (among other things, he openly advocates boycotting voting, which seems a little counterproductive from a getting-things-done standpoint; he has also in the past been a global warming denier). Apart from his non-forum writings, which can be quite interesting, he's best left alone; however, he can be a very persistent flame warrior on discussion fora. He's also very strongly feminist, if a bit too second-wave (he's thrown in with the transphobe radfems), so that's working in his favor at least.
  • Anthony Zyrmpas: A wanted criminal and mentally ill narcissist who is writing a pseudo-philosophical social Darwinist far-right screed named Orgy of the Will, and in the process quite possibly mangling Nietzsche worse than anyone ever has ever. Also writes about videogames in the same style behind a ridiculously sized paywall. Still scams people under the guise of making a videogame, which he has absolutely no idea how to do.
  • Frank O'Collins: He runs an obscure Australia-based cult-like group UCADIA which hosts dozens of websites promoting his views. His sites ramble on about the corrupt "Roman system" of law, banks and courts. The atrocities of the "Roman cult" (aka the modern Catholic Church), and how the creation of the "The United States of Spirits The Covenant of the United States of Spirits" brought an end to a long lasting war in heaven between angels and demons, as well as the destruction of Hell. Um... yeah
  • "Charles Lionheart": Runs an Islamophobic, fearmongering website "Knights Cruasders". The site is laden with Crusader-themed imagery and warns of the impending conquest of Europe and America by the Muzzies, encouraging Anders Breivik wannabes to form Christian militias in preparation for the coming Jihad.
  • Liam Egan: Irish convert to fundamentalist Islam who runs the website "Islamic Vanguards" (as well as the now defunct sites "MPAC Ireland" and "EireMuslim") with the mission of bringing Sharia law to Ireland. Egan supports the death penalty for homosexuals; the imprisonment of alcohol consumers, fornicators, and unmarried couples who kiss in public; the forcing of women to wear burquas and men to grow beards, and the destruction non-Muslim religious monuments (such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt). Also openly supports Islamic terrorism in their jihad against the infidels, including Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and the Boston marathon bombers.

[edit] YouTube vloggers

See the main article on this topic: RationalWiki:Vlogroll
  • NephilimFree: Anti-evolution ranter, fan of Conservapedia.
  • Shockofgod: Friend and confidant of both NephilimFree and Conservapadia man-child, Conservative. Frequently makes videos on Conservapedia making comment on his videos on Conservapedia after Conservative asks him to comment on Conservapedia. Shock, as he is fondly referred to as, is known for his high levels of machismo.[9]
  • VenomFangX: Noted creationist weirdo. Was apparently shut down when his parents found out about his activities.
  • TheSpiritualCatalyst: New Age faith healer. Her video about vaccines would be pretty amusing if it wasn't for the all the other kooks who might reject life-saving vaccines for themselves and for their children thanks to her bullshit.
  • Spirit Science: A prominent New Age practitioner, whose claims have been standard issue for mockery among youtubers.[10]
  • Jeffrey Wolynski: Crackpot pushing the crank theory of stellar metamorphosis as opposed to Big Bang and the Nebular Hypothesis. [11]

[edit] Wiki-based wackos

[edit] Pseudoscience ...psoggers?

  • Anders Björkman: Also goes as Heiwa. Apollo hoax and 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Has no idea how to do energy balances or compute propellant requirements for orbital maneuvers (has notably claimed that the Tsiolkovsky rocket equation is unrelated to this). Offers million-Euro prizes to anyone who show him to be wrong, and either ignores people who proceed to do so or makes silent corrections to his site in response.
  • Alex Chiu: Marketer of life extension cuff links.
  • Alexander Abian: Insane math professor from Iowa State University (deceased). Believed that a massive rearrangement of the solar system would fix all of humanity's problems. Also believed that "time is mass," and that therefore for time to progress a little bit of matter has to be disappearing from the universe continuously. Was published—in the Weekly World News.
  • Kerry Cassidy: Paranoid nutcase, makes long self-worshipping videos for Youtube.
  • Ed Conrad: Anti-evolutionist kook who believes that man existed as early as the Carboniferous, used to be an insane but "nonspammer" Usenet poster, now spams Usenet in an endless variety of nyms. Other claims of his include that nobody burns in Hell because God told him so (against traditional Christian mythology), insists that miners David Fellin and Hank Throne encountered Yahweh in a mining accident, and pushes 9/11 truth bullshit. Owns the webshites and EdConrad.Org.
  • Ahmet Cosar: the operator of early Usenet spambot "Serdar Argic"; went on a mad spam frenzy in 1994 pushing anti-Armenian hatred, accusing the Armenians of perpetuating a genocide on Turks and Azeris.
  • Stephen J. Crothers: Physics crank who disputes the existence of black holes.
  • John A. Davison: Professor of Biology at the University of Vermont who believes the Theory of Evolution is a hoax.
  • Mark Dice: Conspiracy theories, science denial, arrogant conservatism.
  • Joseph Farah: Founder of WorldNetDaily and promoter of almost every conspiracy known to man.
  • Robert W. Felix: Cosmic rays explain everything!
  • Bill Gaede: Insists that "mathematical physics" is a religion, and science should only deal with material objects as he understands them, that forces involve double helices (that somehow are more tangible, despite being unobserved), and that the human race is inevitable doomed due to something called a "population pyramid."
  • Ted Holden: Creationist and Velikovskyite known for cyclical trolling of "". A Usenet crank going way back. Ted currently posts at the right wing website Free Republic, possibly under the handles wendy1946, GodGunsGuts, or varmintman (or possibly two or three of those)[14][15] and is known for pushing not only Young Earth Creation garbage, but also claiming that science leads to communism and atheism, and that AIDS is a conspiracy created by the government and HIV doesn't cause AIDS. Ted also spent a few years trolling comp.lang.ada. Despite his otherwise tenable standpoint - that the programming language ADA is a failure - his attitude and methods alienated all other readers of the group [16].
  • Jim Humble: "Inventor" of the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). On top of claiming he can cure almost any disease with bleach, he also claims to be a billion year old space god from the Andromeda galaxy who used to move solar systems for fun. Sells MMS through a multitude of websites and online stores.
  • David Icke: Weird. Not purely Internet - all over the weirdscape.
  • Ramanand Jhingade: Homeopathy and woo defender at WO, CZ and anywhere else he can grid his axe.
  • Alex Jones: Conspiracy theory loon. On top of having two websites to promote his insanity, also has a radio show.
  • John Kwok: Anti-science and evolution troll.
  • Nancy Lieder: Loopy channeler who hears aliens talking to her in her head. Runs the New Age apocalyptic cult ZetaTalk.
  • Guy McPherson: A hard green blogger and sort of watered-down American Pentti Linkola (or bizarro-world Bjorn Lomborg), McPherson is a professor emeritus of biology who argues that nothing should be done about global warming ... because civilization is already doomed (and he seems to think civilization deserves it anyway). Does no research, apart from cherry-picking other people's work.
  • Gaetano Marano—General aerospace nut. You name it, it's an idea that someone stole from him. Known for mindlessly spamming forums even vaguely related to space until he gets banned.
  • Kevin Martin: Untrained amateur meteorologist who's made an enemy of the entire Internet weather community. Viciously racist and sexist with a habit of flinging violent threats at anyone who calls him out on his shit. Even the US National Weather Service has (in a read-between-the-lines kind of way) told people to ignore him. Basically a dumber and more arrogant version of Vox Day.
  • Miles Mathis: Conspiracy theorist and physics crank who claims that NASA is involved in a massive cover-up to conceal the real value of pi, which according to him is actually 4.
  • Robert McElwaine: Evangelist for Eckankar, as well as a follower of Cold War conspiracy whackjob Dr. Peter Beter and the village idiot of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Known for ARBITRARY capitalization and Usenet spam; died in 2008.
  • Archimedes Plutonium: Janitor at Dartmouth College; known for a bizarre fascination with the plutonium atom and a series of bogus mathematical proofs designed to establish him as the greatest genius on Earth.
  • Gene Ray: An old guy with schizophrenia. Likes to rant about time and cubes. Nobody knows what he's talking about, but college debating societies have invited him to campus to serve as target practice.
  • Jeff Rense: Conspiracy monger and woo-pusher.
  • Jack Sarfatti: A PhD physicist and Geller-gawker in the 70s, a flat out loony on Usenet in the 90s. Once accused PZ Myers of being a self-loathing Jew[17] because PZ's last name is Myers and PZ does not support the Israeli government, which is weird, because PZ isn't actually Jewish and doesn't seem to have any major self-image problems.[18]
  • Martin J Sallberg: Advocates what effectively amounts to destruction of the peer review system at his blog blog He also has another generally nutty blog.
  • "Thrinaxodon": Internet (Not just WWW) loon that is known for boasting "Devonian human origins" nonsense. Similar to Ed Conrad. Born in 1930. Declares himself to be the "ultimate troll". He`s apparently appeared on RW, a couple of times.
  • Ronald Satz: Proponent of Dewey Larson's Reciprocal Theory.
  • Dana Ullman: Homeopath and author, but so notorious for his online dickery he was awarded his own Internet law.
  • Frank R. Wallace: The now-deceased promoter of Neo-Tech.
  • Sanford Wallace: The king of Internet spam (and proud of it, apparently.)
  • Alan Watt: Conspiracy theorist loon, believes everything other than what he teaches is being used to distract us all from the great truth he possesses. Also a climate change denier.
  • Jeffrey Wolynski: A newbie pseudoscientist. He has great potential for the creation of new insane ideas, including but not limited to his own personal theory of stars, in that they cool to become planets, called stellar metamorphosis. Pegs a 9.3 on the loon-o-meter.

[edit] Religious evangeloggers

  • Russ Ewert: Owner of newjerusalemcalendar, completely obsessed with a calender of his own creation. He claims that if the world switch to it there would be world peace. On various conspiracy sites he trolls threads insert comments about his calendar that are typically completely off topic. He occasionally purports himself to be a new messiah, having recently started using the moniker Pope Russ or Pope Russell
  • Jason Gastrich: Obsessive Biblical inerrantist with a knack for not going away when ordered. Shoot-on-sight banned at Wikipedia. Was given a trial unbanning and managed to get himself rebanned that very same day for sockpuppetry.[19]
  • Kent Hovind: Recently released from jail, creationist propagandist, fundamentalist wingnut, semi-literate hack, and tax protester. His son Eric has carried on in his wake, and is every bit as ludicrous as his father, and quite a bit less influential.
  • "Jewish philosopher": Owner of Torah Philosophy
  • Ray Martinez: Self described "Old Earth/Young Biosphere Protestant Evangelical Creationist-Designist." Troll at as well as the CvE forums and other creationist websites. Tried his hand at Conservapedia for a while but took his ball and went home after his particular brand of wingnuttery was found to be unacceptable. Believes that the Bible is innerrant, that the Great Pyramid is a physical representation of the Bible, that Atlantis exists in the Atlantic Ocean and that its existence is proven by the fact that eels return to the Atlantic to spawn. Has been on the verge of publishing a paper that will demolish Darwinism for about 5 – 7 years now. All questions that seem to undermine his arguments will be answered in his paper. A Ray Martinez Dictionary is available to translate his various positions.
  • Diana Napolis, Internet handle Karen "Curio" Jones: Ex-therapist who believes there is a vast Satanic conspiracy attempting to cover up widespread ritual abuse. Known for harassing psychologist Elizabeth Loftus on-line and spent a year in jail for stalking Hollywood celebrities.
  • Alan O'Reilly: Creationist, geocentrist, huge racist. Involved with the British National Party.
  • Bob Sorensen, sometimes known as "PiltdownSuperman.": A litigious creationist prone to projection.
  • Paul Vogel: Probably a pseudonym; cosmotheist; blind fanatic; regularly projects his own behaviors onto others; pathological affinity for the word 'ilk'; got banned from wikipedia for persistent POV-pushing
  • Yerranos: Owner/manager of this site. Just weird, not your average YEC fundamentalist but much worse.
  • Dennis Bates: runs a bizarre conspiracy site Muscle Missions which claims that bodybuilding is a huge Satanic conspiracy. The site includes various articles and videos with content resembling paranoid schizophrenia (such as a claim that bodybuilder Jay Cutler was caught on video making a Satanic hand symbol), and even offers a subscription to a weird magazine with a beach-buff Satan on the front page.

[edit] Economic doomers

  • Cleve Blakemore: US expat survivalist in Australia who maintains the market leader in computerized fallout shelter management software. (It is a very, very small market sector.) Also thinks Stephen Hawking is a fraud. Suspected of trolling us via sockpuppet, not very successfully.
  • Gerald Celente: The phrase "the pornography of pessimism" was invented to describe his message. Predicted everything, especially the global meltdown and the bankruptcy of the USA which happened exactly as he predicted on... er, wait....
  • Nicole Foss (A.K.A. Stoneleigh): Moderator of The Automatic Earth website which has been continually predicting that we are on the cusp of a massive and devastating deflation (Dow Jones to 1,000, homes lose 90% of their value), each and every day since 2009.
  • Tyler Durden/Dan Ivandjiiski: Goldman Sachs is a cabal that manipulates the US economy in order to steal from everyone. Which, y'know, really doesn't sound that far off the mark ... at least until you see the extent to which this guy takes it.
  • Michael T. Snyder: The world is going to end every day since 2008...just you wait! Then Jesus is going to kick butt.
  • John Williams: The government is manipulating data to placate the sheeple, which he shows by...using government produced data.

[edit] Techie tweakers

  • Adam Curry: Former MTV VJ, pioneering podcaster, and completely bonkers conspiracy theorist. Hangs out with notoriously inaccurate tech columnist/hack John C. Dvorak on the No Agenda podcast.
  • Catherine Fitzpatrick/Prokofy Neva: A long-time Second Life troll who fancies herself a protector of intellectual property rights in virtual worlds. Obsessive Red-baiter with a strong — fuck it, pathological — hatred of gift economies in general and open source software in particular (she prefers the term "technocommunism" and needless to say took it really hard when Linden Labs made the SL viewer open source[20]). Claims to have studied journalism in the Soviet Union, but doesn't seem to understand that communism and totalitarianism are not the same thing; she also seems to think the EFF and Google are part of a conspiracy to, um, make it impossible to make money on the net or something, and thinks the IETF is a totalitarian organization because it's run by consensus instead of strict democracy. She appears to fancy herself a libertarian without actually using the word, but her general presentation is overwhelmingly corporatist. [21] She has several blogs, but it suffices merely to Google her screen name or "technocommunism".
  • The guy who runs Displays an unhealthy obsession with gossiping about and generally slagging and its founder, Leo LaPorte, whose only response thus far has been "trolls gonna troll". Very sexist, fat-shamey, and has what appears to be a near-stalker-level obsession with former-TWiT-now-TechCrunch reporter Sarah Lane. Probably not completely stable.
  • Dave Winer: Not quite a kook in the traditional sense; more of a thundering, pretentious bore who had something to do with the development of RSS, most notably the part where it's stagnated for years because Winer has basically made a hash out of the IP ownership.[22] Has had a grudge against Apple since the early 90s because they created AppleScript instead of licensing his Frontier language. Basically the Alveda King of Mac developers. His place in history is assured, but no one quite knows exactly why because Winer would claim credit for anything he's ever touched.
  • Eliezer Yudkowsky: He is the very model of a modern singularitarian.

[edit] Probably all of the above-gers

Please consider all possibilities before discussing your fame on the talk page.

[edit] External links

[edit] Footnotes

  1. Dondero stating he will no longer communicate with anyone who disagrees with him, thus greatly improving the lives of the very people he claims to despise. (Courtesy of the IWBM)
  7. Ivanoff is quite fond of calling feminist skeptics "baboons", a label that some of us would probably adopt if he was in any meaningful sense important.
  8. There was actually a literal masturbation situation involved, which by all indications proved nothing to anyone except that Ivanoff is kind of really weird.
  12. Story at Salon and Wikipediocracy.
  13. Incident report on the English Wikipedia
  14. [1] wendy1946 accused of being Holden, but denied
  15. [2] GodGunsGuts accused of being Holden - though GodGunsGuts later misspells Holden twice - who then posts to wendy1946 that his accuser is conflating the two of them; wendy doesn't respond. Also, metmom and Stultis doubt GodGunsGuts is Holden
  16. [3] The FAQ for c.l.a. contains an entry for Ted. As to whether Ada was/is a failure... well, the Pentagon mandate expired years ago, and a lot of people don't find it the most comfortable or comprehensible language to work in, but it's still used widely for aerospace programming, and there's a fairly large base of legacy code used by defense contractors around the world, and it's a first-class supported language in GCC, so at the very least "failure" is a relative term. On the other hand, JOVIAL, the closest thing it has to a predecessor, is dangerously close to oblivion given how much JOVIAL code is still out there...
  17. Apparently, accusing American Jews who oppose Israeli policies of being self-loathing is a somewhat common hasbara trope. This overall doesn't help Israel's rather spotty public image.
  18. Apropos of nothing, "Sarfatti" is slightly mangled Hebrew for "Frenchman".
  19. Jason Gastrich's RFA at Wikipedia
  21. In other words, to describe Fitzpatrick's views (to the extent that they are at all coherent; her rants tend to lean towards word salad with Russian dressing) is to have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use the phrase "vulgar Galambosianism". In addition, she not only supported SOPA but castigated SL content creators for being against it.
  22. The remarkable part is that Winer somehow managed to do this to an open standard. The IETF basically threw out RSS and replaced it with Atom for this reason.
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