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Strategic Autism Initiative

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The Strategic Autism Initiative (SAI) is an organization created to "do the science on the environmental causes of autism that the federal agencies want to run away from."[1] It was started by Andrew Wakefield, a discredited former doctor who was stripped of his right to practice medicine after his research claiming to show a link between the MMR vaccine and autism was shown to be bogus and unethical.

Ousted from his medical career in England, Wakefield moved to Texas and ingratiated himself with Jenny McCarthy's anti-vaccination propaganda house Generation Rescue. Using this connection he established Thoughtful House, which claims to be able to treat autism spectrum disorder. After Wakefield's highly public defrocking he stepped down from the head of Thoughtful House; this Strategic Autism Initiative appears to be the new fund raising front for his efforts to fleece[2] parents with autistic children. Generation Rescue still seems to be the major source for publishing and pushing for funds.[3]