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The woo is out there


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Aliens did it and ran away

Ufology is the "study" of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). This mostly consists of people saying "wouldn't it be cool if they were alien spacecraft" and as such ufology also includes looking at the supposed encounters and abductions with extraterrestrials that go with them. Ufologists are much like paranormal researchers—indeed, UFOs are often included in paranormal "documentaries", and can be considered a sub-class of that - and they aren't too bothered by the fact they cannot really prove or disprove their assertions. Ironically, as Isaac Asimov pointed out, if people insist on identifying UFOs as spacecraft piloted by alien beings, then they very well aren't unidentified anymore.


[edit] Government cover-ups, etc.

Most Ufologists spend their time pushing conspiracy theories regarding government cover-ups.

Stories about alleged government cover-ups of evidence for aliens are inherently unprovable and unfalsifiable, but we can say a bit though:

  1. If real aliens exist and want to communicate with Earthlings they can easily do this, by, for example, landing something in any crowded part of any big city and repeating as necessary. Aliens could also do things near major broadcasting studios.
  2. If real aliens exist and don’t want Earthlings to find out about them, with their probable superior technology they could easily hide from us.

Many of the vocal Ufologists, like Erich von Däniken, make up fake histories and rumors of covert alien invasions.

Calling a website "Rays of Truth" doesn't prevent it being a hoax.

[edit] Alien protection

As far as this author knows the lack of bombardment on the Earth's surface isn't hard to explain since many lunar features date back to the Pre-Cambrian and similar features on Earth have eroded or been destroyed through geological activity. If there were a problem we couldn’t possibly say whether the aliens use fermions, hyperspace or something quite different.[1]

[edit] Alien abduction

See the main article on this topic: Alien abduction

[edit] See also

[edit] External links

  • UFO Evidence plenty of "quality" evidence to laugh at check out here.
  • UFO Videos Whether you believe or not here are a bunch of UFO videos so you can be the judge.
  • National UFO Reporting Center If you see one you can make a written statement here along with the conditions of the sighting, date, direction of travel, etc.

[edit] Footnotes

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