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The White House, also known as Bubba's Whorehouse and Dubya's Playhouse, is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the black hole between Virginia and Maryland. It has been populated with brilliant actors in movies such as Murder at 1600, The American President, and the television series The West Wing, and a lesser actor during most of the 1980s.

The White House has been the target of terrorist attacks since 1814, when communists from Britain torched the landscape, ate the food, raped the women, and pillaged the coffers.

A secret Muslim, Marxist, socialist, fascist, alien rock star has lied his way into the residence and begun his term as a khalifah. He will paint the exterior black, remove all the flags, remove all the portraits of past white presidents, and add a prayer rug in the Oval Office that points to Mecca.[1]

Since B. Hussein O. cannot bowl, it is also rumored he will remove the bowling alley in the White House. If the Democratic Party had only nominated Hillary, future presidents would still get to bowl like real Americans.

A Satanic pentagram is claimed by some to be designed into the D.C. street layout pointing directly at the White House.

Not to be confused with the White House in Moscow — which was alternatively defended and attacked by Boris Yeltsin.

[edit] Footnotes

  1. This is all speculation. The wingnuts are looking for proof wherever they can. We'll keep you up to date when they find any.
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