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Zeitgeist[1] is an amateurishly-produced made-for-the-Internet conspiracy-mongering film. It combines some discussion of Jesus mythicism (the position that Jesus was a myth forged from the ideas of previous religions and Gods like Isis, Osiris etc.) with a double-barreled shotgun blast of crazy: income tax denial, the Federal Reserve being an elaborate plot by the international bankers to take over the world, 9/11 being a conspiracy, and we are all going to have barcodes tattooed onto us and get chipped with RFID tags. All fairly standard conspiracy stuff put together in an ultimately disjointed way. The whole movie is a ripoff of Jordan Maxwell's research.[2]

If you enjoy watching other people's paranoid delusions with cheap CGI graphics interspersed, you can watch the whole thing online.

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  1. The name comes from a German expression that literally means "time-spirit" or "spirit of [the] time[s]" - the cultural, ethical and social ethos of an era. It would also be a pretty good name for a superhero -- particularly one who is a time-travelling ghost.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4_YkG-QJK8
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