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Brother Nathanael Kapner, whose birth name is Milton Kapner but is more commonly known as Brother Nathanael, is a self-proclaimed "monastic with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR)" who is rather popular in some conspiracy theorist circles while condemned by others, notably the white supremacists on Stormfront.[1] He is a street protester and has a following on the internet via The Brother Nathanael Foundation[2] and Real Jew News[3]. He also has a YouTube channel.[4]

In the comments section of the articles on Real Jew News, Kapner can frequently be seen e-begging for donations so he can continue his valuable work of trolling people on the street with his provocative signs. He has garnered some attention from media in Colorado by displaying signs with such noteworthy and intellectual messages as "ACLU Jews are Antichrist" [5] Much like the Westboro Baptist Church, he appears to enjoy provoking negative reactions out of people so he can claim he is being persecuted. [6]

[edit] Religious affiliation

He claims to be a Jewish convert to Russian orthodox Christianity. Concerning his relationship with the ROCOR, he also notes that he "speaks and writes ... not in any official capacity with ROCOR."[1] A July 19, 2013, statement from Chancery of the Synod of Bishops of the ROCOR declares that Kapner but has no relation to the ROCOR diocese in which he lives and that his "actions ... do not have the blessing of the Synod of Bishops."[7] The statement further urges him to cease his activity on the internet and to repent. The statement was signed by Archbishop Kyrill, who is the ruling hierarch of the diocese in which Kapner lives. In a forum post, a person claiming to be Kapner insisted that the person who gave this declaration was "blackmailed for alleged homosexual activity"[8].

Kapner claims to enjoy the support of Bishop Jerome; however, Bishop Jerome was involuntarily retired by the ROCOR on July 10, 2013, during an Extraordinary Session of the Synod of Bishops.[9] Bishop Jerome was censured and stripped of his episcopal duties and rights.

[edit] Criticism

White supremacists have been known to distrust Kapner due to his claims of being a former Jew. Andrew Anglin of the popular fascist blog fittingly titled Total Fascism wrote that "first and foremost my opposition to him is because he is a biological Jew."[10]

Opinions of Kapner on Stormfront also seem to be mixed. User Sturmgeist88 feels "his motives for running his site realjewnews "[sic]" and converting to Christianity are less than pure,"[11] and jimdoe alleges he is "a homosexual nutjob".[12] Either way, infighting sure is funny.

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