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The following is Andy Schlafly's SES application, with the uninteresting parts removed and edited/formatted for readability. The original scanned images below start here.

Type of Application: NEW APPLICANT
Provider name: Conservapedia Fund, Inc.
Primary contact: Andrew Schlafly
Primary contact title: President
Secondary contact: Carol Seiter
Secondary contact title: Corporate Secretary
Type of Provider (select all that apply): Non-profit/Community agency (NOTE: The option of "Faith-based organization" was NOT selected by the applicant.)
Select county(ies) and district(s) that this application covers: Identify specific counties/List specific school districts:
Morris County, Somerset County, Sussex County,Warren County
Service Facility: (Check the location(s) that best describes where services will be delivered): School; On-line
Program description: (Indicate which keywords best match your program's offerings.): Language Arts Literacy; Reading; Other (History, Government, Writing, Economics).
Grade levels served: Grade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 6; Grade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 12.
Number of students served in 2008-2009: about 70 students (outside SES program) 11
If approved, maximum number of students able to serve in 2009-2010: about 30 students in the SES program
If approved, maximum number of students able to serve in 2010-2011: about 30 students in the SES program
Student sub-populations served: Ethnic/racial minorities; Migrant students; Students with disabilities; Other: Students who have difficulty reading or writing.
Times available for service: Weekends/school holidays; After school; Summer.
Specific days of the week instruction will be provided: Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday; Saturday; Sunday; Summer; Holidays
Describe how SES services are generally scheduled.
Number of sessions per week: 1
Number of hours per session: 2
Number of weeks in the program: 14
Student/instructor ratio: List the ratio of students to instructors in the program: 12 Students for every 1 instructor in large group instruction 3 Students for every 1 instructor in small group instruction.
Mode of instructional delivery: Check all methods of instructional delivery that you offer or plan to offer students: Direct individual tutoring (1 Student per tutor); On-line/Web-based individual tutoring; Direct small group instruction (3-5 Students); Large group instruction (6 -12 Students).
Note: The NJDOE requires that all instructional staff have minimum qualifications of 60 college credits or an Associate's degree. However, the NJDOE highly recommends that providers hire individuals with teaching experience and/or professional training that provide the knowledge and skills to ensure high quality instruction aligned with the instructional program of the district and the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. SES providers should hire the most qualified instructors available.
Minimum education level of tutors: 60 college credits or an Associates degree; College graduate; Other(Graduate degree).
Method and frequency of communication used to report progress to parents: Reports Every two weeks; Meeting Every month; Phone Conferences Every two weeks.
Other Communications (specify):Grading of homework weekly.
Method and frequency of communication used to report progress to the school/district: Reports Monthly or as desired by school; Meetings with Teacher Monthly or as desired by school; Phone Conferences Monthly or as desired by school.
Other Communications (specify):Email biweekly if desired by school.
RESTRICTIONS Complete this section carefully. This information is used to inform parents/districts of any provider limitations prior to signing agreements. Providers should remain flexible prioritizing student needs rather than offering a "one-size-fits-all" standardized tutoring program. Samples of restrictions might be: The agency needs to use school facilities to deliver services; If the agency can only provide service to (specific geographic areas); The agency does not provide instruction in a second language, etc.
Restrictions must be included in the application. No restrictions may be imposed on schools, districts, students, or families that are not cited in the application. Should additional restrictions be imposed by a provider after state approval, the action shall be considered just cause for removal from the state's approved SES provider list. Requirements or limitations: We do not provide instruction in foreign languages; We do not provide transportation for students, and we prefer to use the public school facilities for our program.
All approved providers are required to adhere to the EIA Code of Professional Conduct and Business Ethics for Supplemental Educational Services Providers (Appendix A). As such, providers should become familiar with the code and ensure that all agency practices, including recruitment strategies, are consistent with the code of ethics, (i.e., providers may NOT obtain district enrollment forms and fill in the agency's name; providers may NOT offer incentives to parents and students to influence enrollment in the program, etc.). If an approved provider violates the EIA Code of Professional Conduct they may be removed from the approved provider list.
NOTE: Providers will be held responsible for the actions of their employees/representatives when recruiting, attending school /district functions, etc. The unethical actions of the representatives of an agency may be grounds for termination of the agreement between the agency and state and cause for immediate removal from the NJ SES approved provider list. Describe below the actions (recruitment policy, hiring and training of employees, etc.) that your agency will take to adhere to the ElA's guidelines when recruiting students: (Maximum 300 characters including spaces): Andy Schlafly, an attorney, shall ensure full compliance with EIA guidelines. Students will be recruited based on word-of-mouth referrals, presentations and lawful advertising. There will be no payments to students or their parents, no payments for referrals and no other improper payments. Hiring will be based on referrals and a background check. There will be no discrimination.
Section E: Statement Of Qualifications And Effectiveness: (Maximum 300 characters including spaces)
Current providers requesting profile/scope changes do not need to complete this item if there are no changes to the statement. New applicants must provide evidence that the program design is a high quality research-based program with documented student academic growth. Applicants for renewal must update their statement of qualifications and effectiveness to reflect the most recent data collected: This program has been used by Andy Schlafly. a former adjunct law professor, for over 170 NJ students since 2002. Diverse students excelled on College Board exams and were admitted by top colleges. This program emphasizes rich content, with documented success in Massachusetts (see Part II).
Section F: Provider Fees
Fee/Cost structure: Fees must be listed on a per-student/per-hour basis and may include a reasonable cost range per hour. Explain any variations in fees (i.e., 1:1 tutoring cost per hour vs. small groups or large group tutoring cost per hour). Fees must include all costs (including assessment costs) to provide the agency's proposed SES program to each child, according to that individual child's achievement plan, and must be consistently applied to all districts served. (When considering approval of each application, the State weighs potential benefits to students against the need to ensure effective delivery of services to students. Therefore, providers should not impose unreasonable costs or logistical burdens on schools/districts.): Fees for instruction are $40 per student per hour in large group instruction (6-12 students); $65 per hour in small group instruction (3-5 students); and $95 per hour in individual, one-on-one instruction. The same fees will be applied equally across all districts served, and all age levels.
Section G: Provider Registration And Liability Information
Registration with the NJ Department of Treasury Confirmation of registration with the NJ Department of Treasury must be received by NJDOE prior, to placement on the state-approved list. Refer to Appendix G.
Evidence of Business Registration Certificate Attached: YES .....
The above-named FOREIGN NON-PROFIT CORPORATION was duly filed in accordance with New Jersey state law on 02/18/2009 and was assigned identification number Following are the articles that constitute its original certificate:
  2. Registered Agent: ANDREW SCHLAFLY
  3. Registered Office:
  5. Incorporated Under the Laws of: DELAWARE on 08/13/2008
  6. Effective Date of this Filing is: 02/18/2009
  7. Main Business Address:
Verify this certificate here.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Official Seal at Trenton, this 18th day of February, 2009 R. David Rousseau State Treasurer.
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