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Let's hope not

Schlafly Trimming is a cover-up tactic deployed by Andy Schlafly to hide content on Conservapedia that would embarrass even him. The excuse of "trimming" is used when the content was added by a Sysop or other user he has placed trust in, and whose edits to Conservapedia generally pass with impunity. Unable to muster up the guts to simply tell said Sysop or user that the content is inappropriate for the main page, Andy simply deletes the content under the pretence of trimming.

This pretence is made apparent by the fact that Andy has absolutely no interest in actually trimming content from the main page, instead allowing both the "In the News" section and "Featured content" section to expand to colossal lengths.

Most of this trimming is aimed at content added by User:Conservative, who insists that the main page be a one-stop shop for his vast amounts of utter crap.


  • ASchlafly trimsimg a piece of Ken's shit from the News about liberals being wet.
  • ASchlafly trimsimg one of Ken's pride and joys - "Featured Article: Evolution" - from the main page
  • ASchlafly trimsimg his picture from the Gallery of American Heroes, added by TK
  • ASchlafly trimsimg his own paean about Art Robinson