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Wigocp.svg This Conservapedia-related article is of largely historical interest and is no longer the focus of RationalWiki today.
Conservapedia (and religious fundamentalism to an extent) was a major focal point in the early history of RationalWiki, but long ago ceased coming up with new ways to appall and amuse.
Our energies are now spent debunking other, fresher examples of pseudoscientific claims, authoritarianism, and deceit.
For RationalWiki's less ancient content, try the Best of RationalWiki.


file date title author
271-293/8d4cd7fd37382101.htm 20100624 General McCrystal on main talk page Karajou
271-293/767013431da9fb15.htm 20100625 Harvard Magazine...
271-293/ac6736f3d10be413.htm 20100626 promote ChrisGT90 ? Andy
271-293/b4f66740a2f2a0aa.htm 20100628 Jews have rejected Jesus. Why? Jpatt
271-293/13cad5897fb8b71f.htm 20100628 hijacked Jpatt
271-293/9155c8513b807e04.htm 20100628 traffic still quite strong Andy
271-293/b929a019976abbbe.htm 20100701 Price of infidelity? Jpatt
271-293/5d16807a56f4ecdf.htm 20100705 Mars Today Karajou
271-293/81dcea427fda06e5.htm 20100706 Being careful with blocks Karajou
271-293/4bcece79792f9094.htm 20100707 "AV Security Suite" malware attack Karajou
271-293/3a748d1a6f39c6bf.htm 20100708 Old users making a comeback Jpatt
271-293/c5ec00107cfa0e9a.htm 20100710 One clown making sock accounts Karajou
271-293/fec1b0648cd6638d.htm 20100711 More contacts Karajou
271-293/155a784b5ce8b942.htm 20100712 Email from Andy.... Temlakos
271-293/721d3607c23d4ee4.htm 20100712 One possible reason why Obama & Company Don't Like New AZ Law...
271-293/fb953aabba41249b.htm 20100713 NewsBusters Jpatt
271-293/ba55dacc1442800e.htm 20100713 OBAMA: ONE STEP CLOSER TO INERNENT CONTROL
271-293/b0b2fa4ab0c53472.htm 20100714 User:Tisane Jpatt
271-293/68d5b3379e14b087.htm 20100715 Michael Savage Karajou
271-293/387b36f66d743fb4.htm 20100717 Those atheists did some dumb things before... Karajou
271-293/04be685bda43c131.htm 20100717 Silly
271-293/98c6c1b882765850.htm 20100718 Omnimus Chicago Tribune Cartoon from 1934 Jpatt
271-293/6ccdf96a37309e12.htm 20100718 LifeSiteNews Karajou
271-293/db81ba90e6a78394.htm 20100719 Rot13 Karajou
271-293/f1df0f08c762b93e.htm 20100719 Attacks on Tea Party Rob Smith
271-293/2febbde97100e0e7.htm 20100720 Recipes Karajou
271-293/8a425dd690a8f87a.htm 20100721 Questioning a liberal's motive Karajou
271-293/4d638d5d9af44587.htm 20100721 4Chan Karajou
271-293/7d6cc4e30b9a5b6d.htm 20100722 Zipcodezoo Karajou
271-293/c217aa3f97324e36.htm 20100722 user EMorris Karajou
241-270/9ddf7979e34a96b7.htm 20100722 JournoList Karajou
241-270/5dccfc3970170a13.htm 20100722 Firefox personas Karajou
241-270/2a6a06882e57d117.htm 20100723 Gov Christie question Jpatt
241-270/02403be3b8bab6f6.htm 20100723 User QWest Karajou
241-270/46fcd02482a1d3da.htm 20100723 Sherrod and Obama Jpatt
241-270/f4d2ad146eb90106.htm 20100724 Pocket U.S. Constitution & Fascinating Facts About It - FREE
241-270/e97f5c0122b3edcf.htm 20100724 I deleted JacobB from Google Groups Jpatt
241-270/5e149dd2c7206fea.htm 20100725 FW: I know you won't believe me, but... Jpatt
241-270/c91807d50fa77ec9.htm 20100726 mainspaceright Jpatt
241-270/9014f35f5dfd0a30.htm 20100727 Locked edited due to vandals Jpatt
241-270/3ec22f3c82fec95a.htm 20100727 Unblock JacobB from Google Groups Jpatt
241-270/7ce4d4d6afd3f603.htm 20100727 traffic is very strong Andy
241-270/1defa356d4a71e47.htm 20100728 115,000 page views in 24hrs Andy
241-270/0b84b9dff78a8734.htm 20100729 Sickening: New ObamaCare chart Jpatt
241-270/6195c9bf3af546a4.htm 20100729 Fwd: Re: Church burning epidemic Ed Poor
241-270/adc41bff0d91cc83.htm 20100730 Larry Sanger Ed Poor
241-270/751404534371ad41.htm 20100730 User:Bugler Ed Poor
241-270/0f7dbb82a076358d.htm 20100730 "Poe's Law" Andy
241-270/4a6ab2e60391979b.htm 20100731 Fwd: [conservapedia:177] "Poe's Law" may be an important topic in its own right Ed Poor
241-270/469508d9a4331db2.htm 20100731 record-breaking traffic this week Andy
241-270/4369f2e072b114a2.htm 20100731 JournoList Jpatt
241-270/2aff71693d2784d7.htm 20100731 Ed Poor's rescinding of my ban and your re-imposition Ed Poor
241-270/1b2d4d36b080453d.htm 20100731 Andy, JournoList? Jpatt
241-270/1a994c4d1e8b58da.htm 20100802 more record-breaking traffic Andy
241-270/31109a66a9f64919.htm 20100802 Pete Stark video Karajou
241-270/d34269b259aa36ee.htm 20100805 Destruction of the family Karajou
241-270/814567755f8658ec.htm 20100806 Rats quoted snippets from Zeug today Jpatt
241-270/00453247627dd72c.htm 20100806 SamI and GeoffA Karajou
241-270/a7f56171129b9841.htm 20100809 Unrelated news Jpatt
211-240/1efded86c16889b9.htm 20100809 Theory of Relativity News Jpatt
241-270/145cd5ea29efe3c9.htm 20100809 You do not have access to this server. Can't access Conservapedia to even see it. conservative777
211-240/ba01b4b66c50cd80.htm 20100810 The Radical Professors and Left-Wing Extremists of JournoList
211-240/3104055c03470add.htm 20100810 Problem fixed Andy
211-240/4fcfb529b0cd4a66.htm 20100810 Internal server errors Karajou
211-240/9e537ead0fbe596f.htm 20100811 user EMorris Karajou
211-240/a806a07fcc86ef3e.htm 20100811 Road Runner Hold Karajou
211-240/f4939a537ae1bf28.htm 20100811 user Kupochama Karajou
211-240/817e8287d55d8ad4.htm 20100811 Rosa DeLauro Karajou
211-240/2f5077354ec61d13.htm 20100812 Positive CP Article Jpatt
211-240/96909db572490b34.htm 20100813 Calvin Coolidge Karajou
211-240/096fc71273c8fa3f.htm 20100813 Someone wore a shirt... Karajou
211-240/586d29cf6775d6de.htm 20100814 AndrewWi Karajou
211-240/d28e099977fa3428.htm 20100814 best 2 weeks ever for us Andy
211-240/72bd24290c4afc32.htm 20100814 Another IP blocked, but not.....
211-240/e435dbc014b87ad9.htm 20100816 Platitudes ... a subtle way of discrediting usL Ed Poor
211-240/764e8ad5af39568e.htm 20100817 happiness is a warm video game Karajou
211-240/436be94c62fdd717.htm 20100818 Fwd: Fwd: Re: GPS and relativity Ed Poor
211-240/66145b5b001d84a0.htm 20100818 Main Page suggestions Karajou
211-240/0503050f36da8bb4.htm 20100818 Ground Zero Mosque Karajou
211-240/c7841a1b815917eb.htm 20100820 4channel clowns Karajou
211-240/1525fce3d5f3453f.htm 20100820 I love how all the media frames the conversation Jpatt
181-210/12ed2b93fe75e05a.htm 20100821 vandalism, thanks to JPatt Andy
211-240/2b937281e2e637e6.htm 20100822 user Pythonscript Karajou
211-240/14502a0fe2c137eb.htm 20100822 CantStopTheVandalism Karajou
211-240/0592d85440f3a0ec.htm 20100823 baiting, watching the vandal Andy
211-240/7f0a8379665448aa.htm 20100823 getting proxies to identify vandal Andy
211-240/593f986c6ba896af.htm 20100823 Farah vs Coulter Jpatt
181-210/9c5e9a914564b34a.htm 20100824 Fwd: Methinks the queen doth protest too much. Temlakos
211-240/f27f733b3ca0762c.htm 20100824 Ed's bot Andy
211-240/56e35305a41355aa.htm 20100824 traffic record again Andy
211-240/2e60876f976208e5.htm 20100824 CartoonistHenning Karajou
181-210/8d05548280181a39.htm 20100824 Next Sysop: DerekE? Andy
211-240/1dcd0b147302ff49.htm 20100825 God provides!
181-210/026f7e1223324422.htm 20100825 Squirrel Power! Jpatt
181-210/29ca8df930e026de.htm 20100826 If you run into a difficult atheist at Conservapedia, you can always send them here conservative777
181-210/1c3a481545f80643.htm 20100828 Nikolaos, also update on vandalism Andy
181-210/a5b5ea0f746225f6.htm 20100828 User:ConservaPeter Jpatt
181-210/cfc3fd0fcc9b6591.htm 20100829 Flagged Revisions concern Andy
181-210/0c25dd1265b36984.htm 20100829 Contacting Philip Rayment about creating a new Guard Dog conservative777
181-210/13e4253bcc9275fa.htm 20100829 Bedbugs Karajou
181-210/9c5ebae1146a3718.htm 20100829 Mini Drudge Report on left main page in terms of resources being offered conservative777
181-210/829b551042e935aa.htm 20100829 Cleveland Jewish News on Andy's Einstein Jpatt
181-210/91ab4c8bb35eca09.htm 20100829 Arsonist in my town Karajou
181-210/dae4bd52b55eaeae.htm 20100831 record-breaking month!!! Andy
181-210/0b3f3886be97461c.htm 20100831 I want this video in the mainspace Jpatt
181-210/1924355906400d29.htm 20100831 user:HilaryA Jpatt
181-210/f70bf25e8c40908c.htm 20100902 Stephan Hawking Karajou
181-210/4ca159e098322f5a.htm 20100902 Could be more than impersonation here Karajou
181-210/3327bfdc5e274a4d.htm 20100905 I just posted lampoon of atheism on main page, going to bed and locked database conservative777
181-210/aadaa3f2c7c4b587.htm 20100908 traffic remains very strong Andy
181-210/7fd12bd44d0b987f.htm 20100908 HeywoodJ Karajou
181-210/a252107c89791fd0.htm 20100912 Fox News and gay agenda Andy
181-210/d15754bb9169d795.htm 20100912 We should have Guarddog in beginning to mid 2011 through Mr. Rayment Karajou
181-210/63d9b949e4b22bb1.htm 20100914 The liberal characterization of conservative women continues Jpatt
181-210/febb416f508699bb.htm 20100915 Numerical addition registration process? Good idea or bad idea? Ed Poor
181-210/b8f252a7339081d4.htm 20100916 malicious users Karajou
181-210/01977f30b607cd50.htm 20100916 user JasoT Karajou
181-210/a2f4a24f76212277.htm 20100917 Vision America Karajou
181-210/9bd02200d6460674.htm 20100917 We'll be hearing much about extremism from Democrats in the coming weeks Jpatt
181-210/313292db2c6dd712.htm 20100920 Guarddog/Andy, Ed and TerryH communication/CreationWiki conservative777
151-180/37f59083c6378dcf.htm 20100921 Article about Titanic Karajou
151-180/d00262652ab07005.htm 20100922 record-breaking traffic continues Andy
151-180/9baa0730a79d25f3.htm 20100922 Should I ask Mr. Rayment if Ed Poor can test out a Guarddog program at his wiki? conservative777
151-180/1efc2bd6a7061b48.htm 20100923 Message to Ed Poor and others from Mr. Rayment re: Ed developing his own Guarddog in PHP conservative777
151-180/b39ab1ce2d1439fa.htm 20100924 Green light from Andy on Guarddog development by Ed conservative777
151-180/5f68b92d4fb843cc.htm 20100924 RobZ legit??? Andy
151-180/a7677cef217b02fb.htm 20100927 Little troll Bill Maher educates us to Christine O'Donnel's view of evolution Jpatt
151-180/ed249ad407e88b41.htm 20100927 developing GuardDog soon Andy
151-180/cb12f93d4f7108d3.htm 20100927 Gov mum on high tech snooping vans
151-180/59c578c72bce8b86.htm 20100927 BrentK legit? Andy
151-180/bea40205c3720855.htm 20100927 JakeRMurrin Karajou
151-180/05d3deca51dbe19e.htm 20100928 Rational Wiki Vandals -- Their True Face.... Karajou
151-180/64035124343078ba.htm 20100928 RobS's left main page revamp and Human Events mentioning Conservapedia conservative777
151-180/aafc4af37c120641.htm 20100928 Get on Human Events NOW Karajou
151-180/eafd3c7099f154cf.htm 20100930 IP blocked Andy
151-180/d57b586738f758d5.htm 20100930 KISS is...conservative? Karajou
151-180/dded791b07eed59d.htm 20101001 PhilipM looks unusual also .... Andy
151-180/f0d4e1d374fe8a29.htm 20101001 "Kanyo" legit? Andy
151-180/429d498fd7e5c535.htm 20101001 The primary counterexample to relativity Karajou
121-150/e3c9ba12b88508f2.htm 20101002 Page Views bot inflating once again Jpatt
151-180/4230e62cd59d3191.htm 20101002 Bateleur and Wikipedia's misinformation Karajou
151-180/2ead0ff0b9fc3d63.htm 20101002 A certain book the ACLU doesn't want you to read Karajou
151-180/dd61643c30f6123a.htm 20101003 "Teacher Ed" Andy
151-180/ee434b5cabc8c1f0.htm 20101003 Sharron Angle
151-180/ca773468453f88e2.htm 20101004 Duplication....please read preceeding entries to the Main Page News! conservative777
151-180/38e8d76b5c42c336.htm 20101005 user Cperlobo Karajou
151-180/6a7382d8de8c17a2.htm 20101006 Just a dumb rant Jpatt
151-180/8d85d2b27a1bff28.htm 20101007 New table suggestion Karajou
151-180/ccb8cd4a49f89d8d.htm 20101007 Biblical scientific foreknowledge Andy
151-180/73cae422b74d15c5.htm 20101007 O'Donnell Karajou
151-180/30e84a7650fe3d2f.htm 20101008 My city makes FOXNews, for the wrong reasons Jpatt
121-150/07120ae0f4644d76.htm 20101008 user Wilminator's email exchange Karajou
121-150/72ce1064a33e45e1.htm 20101009 blocked another IP DOS attack Andy
121-150/4f663de0759772ac.htm 20101009 Question on Barry Goldwater Jpatt
121-150/5effd27366321134.htm 20101010 blocked another foreign IP DOS attack Andy
121-150/7918c22a3ceb33ed.htm 20101010 Another table idea...and I hope I ain't boring ya! Karajou
121-150/3aa64bf3e091699a.htm 20101011 October could break our traffic record Andy
121-150/59dbff85855db767.htm 20101011 New WAPO searchable Obama database....
121-150/676cd2a7f7958a85.htm 20101013 Conservative Bible Translation Karajou
121-150/883efccbe6105940.htm 20101014 Sharron Angle / Harry Reid Debate Tonight
121-150/09fd261489516151.htm 20101016 update: record-breaking month continues Andy
121-150/db87dc15020c2cc3.htm 20101016 New Video with Victor Davis Hanson - Worth the watch
121-150/8497d433711b74c1.htm 20101017 This 2:14 video is spot on Jpatt
121-150/6f2b1f11852e47d6.htm 20101018 Reagan Foundation - Condi Rice
121-150/859546fde0b127be.htm 20101018 Four WORST Americans of the 20th century Karajou
121-150/d44f294a76850020.htm 20101020 traffic still record-breaking Andy
121-150/c4b406215e8017b0.htm 20101021 TeacherEd is probably a parodist conservative777
121-150/51caac8787c6c19d.htm 20101022 Signing up a very bright college student Ed Poor
121-150/29d8f3e5416eaacf.htm 20101025 ACLU threatens Illinois with their RECALL petition Jpatt
121-150/6cea896b01e14b08.htm 20101025 traffic surpassed Feb, Apr., June, July Andy
121-150/79a52ce0bb94f8ee.htm 20101025 To help make a good voting decision... Karajou
121-150/81551e4a86b12733.htm 20101026 Found Conservapedia in the news Jpatt
121-150/e1e81122e0ced16a.htm 20101026 traffic surpasses Sept Andy
121-150/ef79c3b9c9054fa8.htm 20101026 Background image for the site Karajou
121-150/1b9c5e3eb37a6485.htm 20101027 traffic surpasses Jan. Andy
91-120/67e042cf2281a083.htm 20101027 Planning for a GOP victory Jpatt
121-150/6ae5ed9f0f76c882.htm 20101027 user Hopefiend removed Karajou
121-150/e7a32efd6d965258.htm 20101028 Rand Paul incident getting lots of liberal air time Jpatt
91-120/66e9e80abf816d67.htm 20101029 traffic surpasses March, May Andy
121-150/cbcbb0f189d5afea.htm 20101030 Watch the magic...
91-120/c8a909240388363e.htm 20101030 Halloween Reading.....
121-150/6d38d2f1b08e26f5.htm 20101030 lessons about traffic Andy
121-150/4dcfbea58a2b2084.htm 20101030 10,000 to go to break record Andy
91-120/5d9fb0fcbe363cf0.htm 20101031 setting up new account Andy
91-120/8a2234fb889f4acf.htm 20101031 broke record!!!! Andy
91-120/ff005589c30ed639.htm 20101031 Liberal stupidity is at the very top Karajou
91-120/dbc39bdb7ccf2a12.htm 20101031 very funny parody Karajou
91-120/75e4a55511cd612f.htm 20101031 Guide to Tea Party Candidates Temlakos
91-120/bbc451b522f07e31.htm 20101101 Mainpage:Left Voting headline suggestions? Jpatt
91-120/398f6ad5db54a374.htm 20101101 Hard to control the laughter Karajou
91-120/d327a5b8bd54aaa6.htm 20101102 FYI --- Dollar is plummeting
91-120/13b6c329d74631eb.htm 20101103 The rats have struck at Zoho Karajou
91-120/7d9960a83018f2fa.htm 20101104 Socialists cannot keep their hands off anything....
91-120/0209bd59ccb54569.htm 20101104 Suggestion: To improve the tone... Rob Smith
91-120/8f312c47391b1616.htm 20101104 Billy Ayer's new denials Karajou
91-120/04e52b1c84d7c504.htm 20101105 United Nations Gives U.S. 'Shellacking' -- Over Human Rights! Jpatt
91-120/11f501c17052f1b2.htm 20101107 Nevada elections Jpatt
91-120/172ec484763ce757.htm 20101107 Disabled Registrations Jpatt
91-120/f01f774a3095a7a5.htm 20101107 James Wilson Karajou
91-120/b1998733726db0f3.htm 20101107 JM's Main Page Talk post.... Karajou
91-120/570fe18f62fef3e5.htm 20101107 Zoho accounts Karajou
91-120/0016091b2735e999.htm 20101108 traffic, Alexa Andy
91-120/aef12c2a04a4edb9.htm 20101109 We get letters.....profanity warning! Karajou
91-120/c1af149f493a83b8.htm 20101110 Murkowski camp sounds just like Alinsky's book. Jpatt
91-120/978f8c7cf67d4cae.htm 20101111 user BillEastland Karajou
91-120/1bcedf3ac170522c.htm 20101111 Google again Karajou
61-90/1b26c655e9645331.htm 20101112 Soros Research Rob Smith
91-120/31b19ed3dbea0c01.htm 20101112 Harder temporary passwords for ZOHO accounts made easy conservative777
91-120/6add1ebd4860f06b.htm 20101114 renaming "Presidential Election 2012" Andy
91-120/d199b81e6092b323.htm 20101114 The Right, All Along
91-120/60e2f2712ed010c9.htm 20101115 Wales new personal appeal for more money Jpatt
61-90/d424533ba589dca8.htm 20101117 California is toast -- not if but when Jpatt
61-90/56e8637e8ad5f91f.htm 20101117 Statistics Jpatt
61-90/7a735dfbdd81bcb2.htm 20101117 I unable to see Conservapedia 8:36PM EST Jpatt
61-90/14853fa958e28b04.htm 20101118 Read This!
61-90/dcea1df3ca0023e8.htm 20101118 Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
61-90/c0672f986ce1eade.htm 20101118 Re-send -- Read This! (Sorry, left out second link)
61-90/cfa633023240dbab.htm 20101119 My latest article: read the comments! Temlakos
61-90/0b41b350d6d03290.htm 20101120 Tinian Island Jpatt
61-90/49140e1926d8a08b.htm 20101121 Conservapedia @ Four Jpatt
61-90/3113befb9b6ab337.htm 20101122 Conservapedia rotating image Andy
61-90/0405560434389e48.htm 20101123 Our so-called "competition" Karajou
61-90/3b6dadffd34ce5a6.htm 20101124 traffic is strong Andy
61-90/bdf2b3f8005789cd.htm 20101124 New Fashion Trend.... Ed Poor
61-90/c14cc9a0372446c8.htm 20101125 Michael74 Andy
61-90/830ac276b8d95264.htm 20101125 Especially for you "East-Coasters" please watch this video.... Jpatt
61-90/66f70e2ada966533.htm 20101127 Rubbing it in Karajou
61-90/86fa04c89df3324f.htm 20101127 Leadership matters Jpatt
61-90/193ee8aee657047e.htm 20101127 traffic to break 30-day record Andy
61-90/23d7f174ca07e314.htm 20101127 Conservapedia Top 10 Jpatt
61-90/2a1657048a579ea0.htm 20101128 Speaking of pics Karajou
61-90/0d614e3bb9ba8d47.htm 20101130 More entertainment Karajou
61-90/41c23e1e2c4b5344.htm 20101201 Exposing Soros Karajou
61-90/eae86893398b090a.htm 20101201 user DrewJ Karajou
61-90/8f83ba48207869cd.htm 20101201 Wikileaks Karajou
61-90/d4dfbb0cbeb64f74.htm 20101202 proposed user "x y" Karajou
61-90/81fe0940a34c5dd9.htm 20101202 Anthony Greer from Zoho Karajou
61-90/f84fb11494fbd742.htm 20101204 Rodhocetus Karajou
61-90/173417380033d723.htm 20101204 Still more entertainment Karajou
61-90/d264d219ee93b3cd.htm 20101205 TSA Special Temlakos
31-60/504e03319bfb5950.htm 20101206 Three Senators Betray Us
31-60/ee65eb850096aaad.htm 20101206 Conservapedia and abortion - a 120 day project - your assistance wanted conservative777
31-60/5ca34f28f303d1a6.htm 20101207 More Television Entertainment Karajou
31-60/6710f3b88346beaf.htm 20101207 lenski revisited by Jpatt
31-60/2f3b5583293e8df4.htm 20101208 Liberal Vandalism Goes World-Wide Karajou
31-60/e4595ffe3b00a53a.htm 20101208 Dr. Laughlin Karajou
31-60/fc6f74223a5cedd9.htm 20101210 the Gipper Karajou
31-60/c8ebd9ef40ed15c0.htm 20101210 Famous Christian landmark tree chopped down in U.K.
31-60/3550310f08ecddc5.htm 20101211 Traffic continues to be very strong Andy
31-60/c1e75bd8b9d68705.htm 20101211 Statistics page again Jpatt
31-60/99638652d25bb879.htm 20101211 Words the world has abandoned...
31-60/97a80914b980ac2c.htm 20101214 Listed on RightNetwork Jpatt
31-60/251d500145ebcc36.htm 20101217 Empty Talk By Godless? Jpatt
31-60/727da2ed08f13d44.htm 20101220 toggling a block of ALL foreign IPs Andy
31-60/a2416fb4e4eb26a1.htm 20101221 90 seconds to block 6 nations Andy
31-60/37b687e2c73a82f7.htm 20101221 Still more entertainment, once more Karajou
31-60/f518f9bad86bf389.htm 20101223 user SMiller1 Karajou
31-60/cc9d8ce816ea7c52.htm 20101223 Conservatism template Jpatt
31-60/07214d7a2714c18d.htm 20101226 American Revolution bio template Karajou
31-60/d00a878c1d3b3746.htm 20101227 Fwd: Confirm account Temlakos
31-60/8e5cc62fbb7c0ac5.htm 20101227 traffic remains strong Andy
31-60/c672f235c224619f.htm 20101227 Spam Karajou
31-60/0b342f90e84f33b6.htm 20101228 Brits have committed natl suicide? Jpatt
31-60/9cdc001d53edb903.htm 20110101 And more leisure entertainment Karajou
31-60/22fabadcccb44b2a.htm 20110101 It's quite obvious that TeacherEd is a parodist, keep him blocked conservative777
31-60/f67c2c658e321214.htm 20110102 Very good article on stopping or mitigating denial of service attacks conservative777
1-30/e5037a239379b6dc.htm 20110103 Wikipedia's article on Conservapedia Jpatt
31-60/ffc797cbbee58912.htm 20110103 Reduce page upload time by free picture compression software. great for DOS attacks conservative777
31-60/55314d3468f454cc.htm 20110103 legitimate traffic is strong Andy
31-60/712368d81f62d371.htm 20110103 Hosting company that appears to offer robust DOS prevention services conservative777
31-60/05b12949de71aba6.htm 20110103 What's the deal with Recent Changes? Jpatt
1-30/f70eb6ac8479c351.htm 20110104 AmandaBunting Andy
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