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We will be electing 6 moderators and 2 alternates via single transferable vote.Wikipedia The mods are the 1st-6th highest-ranked candidates of the STV vote. The alternates are the 7th and 8th highest-ranked candidates of the STV vote.


1: There are no rules against self nomination.
2: When nominating somebody else, it is considerate to inform them with {{modnotice}} so that they don't miss the opportunity to accept the nomination.
3: Nominees should acknowledge the nomination by signing next to their name.
4: Nominees should accept or decline their nomination and move their name to the right section.
5: The propaganda and misinformation supplied by our candidates may be found here, if anyone bothers to post any.
Timing note: Nominations must be accepted before midnight UTC on the closing date, this may be different to your timezone. Any nominations not accepted will be treated as "presumed inactive".

Nominee requirements

1: Anyone who has been banned through coop or received the sysoprevoke penalty will be ineligible to run.
2: All candidates have to have been on the wiki for 6 months.
3: All candidates have to have made 300 edits by the time the election starts.
4: All candidates have to have edited at least 10 times in the two months before the election.
5: No sockpuppets may run, this includes alternative accounts.
6: Blocked users cannot run, unblocking users for the purpose of allowing them to run is discouraged.
These guidelines were added after the 2018 mod election.