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Information icon.svg This debate was created by TruthSearch777.

Watch the talking heads on popular news shows and you will see a mix of circus, illusion and politics form most of the 'Fake News' that plagues all of us these days. I have personally written to many of them to adopt standards for their guests, which include responsibly distinguishing between complete-or-selective facts, degrees of education/experience, and preconditioned biases included in their opinions. It's a dream...they will actually do it...because if they did, the sensationalism and political agendas would be dwarfed by the truth and benefits viewers/readers would enjoy...but how hard would it be to scroll these 'qualifiers' at the bottom of the screen or in the footnotes of published articles?

That is only a tiny fraction of the motivation behind this debate, because effective (or ineffective) reasoning is one of the pinnacles of the human race, and if we can invent a USB port for computer equipment, why can't we invent/teach/adopt a Universal Reasoning Method to facilitate exploration, resolve conflicts and generally make the world a MUCH better place? — Unsigned, by: TruthSearch777 / talk / contribs