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Debate.png This is a Debate page.
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Information icon.svg This debate was created by Mr. Anon.

This is to continue a debate I started on the comment section of a Ron Paul youtube video. Because of Youtube's commenting system, I have decided to bring the debate here. Because this is a semi-formal debate, I'll set up some basic rules.

  1. No flaming/blatant personal attacks. I am not "paid by the government", nor am I an official Obama spokesman.
  2. Keep basic grammar and capitalization — this isn't YouTube, we aren't constrained by comment length.
  3. Keep matters relevant. This is not a debate about the 9/11 conspiracy, or the New World Order.
  4. Keep the debate on this page. I may link to other articles here on RationalWiki, and if you have problems with the points raised, keep them here rather than the articles' talk pages. This way I can keep track of all the arguments going on.

Additional rules and discussions of the debate will be discussed on the talk page of this debate. Anyways, because our debate went into many issues, I'll try to divide the section up.

Economic policy[edit]



Federal Reserve[edit]

Social policy[edit]


Anti-sodomy laws[edit]

Foreign policy[edit]

Indefinite detainment[edit]