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Essay:A Response to Lie Women Believe

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Essay.svg This essay is an original work by Wingnut cracker.
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This essay contains my opinions of the statements Nancy Leigh DeMosses says are false in her book Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets them Free. Click here to see RationalWiki's offical page about the book.

  • 1. God is not really good. Depends on what you think of God, if you think god exists at all.
  • 2. God doesn't love me. Again, this depends on belief.
  • 3. God is just like my father. Depends on belief.
  • 4. God is not really enough. All humans need food, water, and shelter to live. God is only needed by some people.
  • 5. God's ways are too restrictive. True, a society run according to the Bible would be totaltarian.
  • 6. God should fix my problems. I find myself agreeing with DeMosses on this one. If a person rely on God to solve every little problem you have, you're going to be disappointed.
  • 7. I'm not worth anything. Again, I agree with DeMosses. Everyone is worth something. Well, almost everyone. (There are exceptions).
  • 8. I need to learn to love myself. Absolutely! It's not good to go through life with low self-esteem.
  • 9. I can't help the way I am. This statement is too vaugh for me to provide an adaquate response.
  • 10. I have my rights. Of course women do! Everyone has rights! And DeMosses thinks this is false for some people? What the fuck?!
  • 11. Physical beauty matters more than inner beauty. I once again agree with DeMosses. All people, women and men, look much more attrative if they're good people.
  • 12. I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings. That depends. If a person's unfulfilled longing is to murder someone, then yeah, it's best to let that longing unfulfilled.
  • 13. I can sin and get away with it. Unfortunately, some murders go unresolved.
  • 14. My sin isn't really that bad. If the "sin" is something like sodomy, it's not bad at all as long as it is concentual. If its murder, that usually pretty bad.
  • 15. God can't forgive what I've done. This depends on beliefs.
  • 16. I am not fully responsible for my actions and reactions. A question for the philosphers, not one I can respond to.
  • 17. I cannot walk in consistent victory over sin. Very true. Everyone makes mistakes. Is DeMosses even human?
  • 18. I don't have time to do everything I'm supposed to do. Depends on how long the list is. If a persons only goal is to sleep all their life, they have all the time in world.
  • 19. I can make it without consistent time in the Word and prayer. Athiests go it all the time.
  • 20. A career outside the home is more valuable and fitting than being a wife and mother. Depends on the person. If a womean wants to be a wife and mothers, than being that is more valuable to her. If a woman wants to focus on her career, than that is the more valuable thing.
  • 21. I have to have a husband to be happy. Depends on the person. Some woman desire such a relationsip and some don't.
  • 22. It is my responsibility to change my mate. Very true. If a woman thinks she needs a divorce, she should get it.
  • 23. My husband is supposed to serve me. A married couple should serve each other.
  • 24. If I submit to my husband, I'll be miserable. If I had to be someones personal servant without pay, I'd be miserable too.
  • 25. If my husband is passive, I've got to take the initiative, or nothing will get done. What is this even talking about? If its refering to sex, than informed consent is important.
  • 26. Sometimes divorce is a better option than staying in a bad marriage. Absolutely! A bad marriage hurts everyone.
  • 27. It's up to us to determine the size of our family. It's called family planning, and it's important unless a couple sees ''19 Kids and Counting'' as a how-to guide.
  • 28. Children need to get exposed to the "real world" so that they can learn to function in it. I would say this is important.
  • 29. All children will go through a rebellious stage. It probably depends on the child.
  • 30. I know my child is a Christian because he prayed to receive Christ at an early age. I agree with DeMosses, this is false. Children raised Christian may grow up to become athiests or agnostics or convert to other religions. Unlike DeMosses however, I don't see this as bad thing.
  • 31. We are not responsible for how our children turn out. It all depends on good the parents were at parenting and what the child is like.