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In the Bible Genesis 2:20 God presents all the animals to Adam for naming. Adam also is asked which of the animals he finds suitable as a helpmeet. He declines any of them so God proceeds to remove his rib and make Eve. Adam was never asked to approve Eve.

What religious implications would have resulted from Adam selecting an animal ?

God: "which one looks fair to your eyes my Son ?"
Adam:" The stoat looks like fun , but that little bear is just so warm and cuddly looking, she has such nimble paws and is quite strong. She could be a good buddy and help a lot with the fruit gathering. "
God: eerrgghhh WTF ! a BEAR !!! erkkk ...

With no Eve , there would be no temptation , no Fall of man , no inate sin, no flood etc .

There would just be an immortal Adam , God and the cuddly bear in the Garden of Eden.

Hmmmm ?

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