Essay:An argument against the existence of a human God

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(This is a work in progress, the first version of this was made over half an hour while stting on the toilet, written on my smartphone.)

Now I am personally agnostic, but I am almost certain that if any God(s) does/do exist, then it is probabally not one envisioned by humans.

the argument[edit]

Now I am going under the assumption that there are an infinite number of possible religions, and that only one (along with any variants) is correct. Going on that assumption it is an infinteccimally small chance that any human religion is correct, seeing that I could make a religion about magical flying hippos albeit anything that could ever exist. thought the history and future of the universe. Now let's think of a religion, let's call it religion a where people believe that Matthew Mcconaughey is God and the movie Interstellar is the holy book. The chance of religion a being correct is 1 over how many religions can ever exist ever, let's call it r so we have . r in theory equals infinity since there are an infinite number of possible religions in the universe so this can just be simplified to Which is infinteccimally small. We can also make the assumption that humans will be the only sentient species to arise ever, but even then there are plenty of religions here on earth that may or may not be correct or are even parodies of existing religions that gain a life of their own (no offense to pastafarians just making a point). This is a point that many religions think that only one can be right, yet we have hundreds, maybe even thousands of them. Atheists should use this point to make their point against religion and agnostics should use it as a basis for their beliefs. That is all I have to say.