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Essay:Anarchy (ColbertFan)

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Anarchy, do you work? Is the government putting us down as your followers claim? Will crime increase like your critics claim?

Will there still be wars, or will non-government groups still fight wars? These are question I will hope to answer in this.

Anarchy and Peace[edit]

War sucks as heck! Even if you are in the military you can admit that. What is this miracle cure to war that we have been searching for? Could it be anarchy? Or will non-government groups still fight each other?

Well, there will be no government, and most groups, even rival ones, don't want to kill each other. In fact, most rival groups are not enemy groups; most of the time they are friendly rivals. Thus, making war uncommon at worst.

Nutopia, Imagine (All the people), John Lennon and Anarchy[edit]

This idea of no wars has inspired John Lennon to be an anarchist. "Imagine no countries; it is easy if you try"[1] said Lennon. How do I know that peace inspired him to be an anarchist?

Nutopia, it was Micronation that had NO borders[2][3][4][5][6]. He called it "The Country of PEACE"

Anarchy and Crime[edit]

Crime sucks, just like war! Will there be no police? Or will some civilians make a police force, even without a government? Even if they do will small cities get police forces[7]?

Small cities[edit]

Many people don't live in small cities, thus it will less likely for its civilians to make forces. Thus, making small cities good places to do crimes. That is bad, I live in a small city!

Stupid laws may or may not be enforced[edit]

There are stupid laws that are enforced and people are brainwashed[8][9] in to believing its good! If a force is smart to see though the bull**** then the stupid law will not be enforced!

That is good. However, what about the bull****-beLIEving forces? They will enforce the stupid laws, that is bad.

GOOD laws may or may not be enforced[edit]

There are GOOD laws that are enforced, like anti-MURDER laws. Bad forces may not enforce the laws. That means my city force, if I have one, may be bad. Thus, I could get murdered.

I am to young to die! Even adults shouldn't get murdered...


After looking at it carefully, I have decided that anarchy causes more problems then it solves. Anarchists you can disagree with me.

Thus, I am umm... whatever you call non-anarchists[10].

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