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In regards to the attempted assassination in Arizona, it was discovered that the shooter, Jared Loughner, was a fan of extreme leftist band Anti-Flag. While the leftist media have been trying to spin this as the fault of traditional American (and therefore conservative) principles, the fact is that his like of Anti-Flag is contradictory to their falsehoods.

Evidence of Anti-Flag's violent rhetoric

The following evidence is proof of the violent nature of Anti-Flag's leftist rhetoric. Read the lyrics for yourselves. What you will read will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Anti-Flag is one of the most violent-instigating, hate-filled leftist bands ever:

  • 9/11 for Peace, with violent lyrics like "I don't want to die" and "I don't want to kill"
  • Power to the Peaceful, the title alone should be red flag.
  • One People, One Struggle, "Stay united, stay peaceful"? If that isn't hate-filled rhetoric, I don't know what is.
  • We Don't Need It!, though it's subtle, saying things like "It's time to show we truely care... For the world... for eachother..." could subliminally instigate a psychopath like Loughner.
  • A New Kind of Army, "We're looking for a new army"? Yeah, an army to kill people with!!!
  • Tearing Everyone Down, a song that promotes "tearing everyone down." It doesn't get more violent than that!!!


In conclusion, it should be obvious for anybody doing research on the tragedy in Arizona that violent music from bands like Anti-Flag is responsible for this tragedy, and not wholesome, peaceful entertainment from conservatives like Sarah Palin for this tragedy. Nor should there have been a discussion before this tragedy about toning down the campaign rhetoric on both sides, since only the liberal psychos are responsible for this. And what's worse, they are blaming moral beacons like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage for what they allege is hate filled rhetoric. Well, the evidence is in the lyrics, folks! Now you decide!