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This essay is about rape and victim blaming... first off... RAPE IS A DISGUSTING deed... The rapist is NEVER right period. But when someone is actually "asking for it" why is pointing this out wrong? If I started hanging out with drug dealers and then got beat up... of course it's their fault... but shouldn't I have known better. I respect girls. And rape is a DISGUSTING deed, like i said. BUT when you are partying at 2 AM in the morning, why do you expect to be treated like Mother Theresa? Of course, after experiencing the worst moment of your life, blame isn't the ideal thing to hear. But let's be rational. We are all responsible for our deeds. In many cases, we can actually pin point as to how easily this travesty could have been avoided. Of course there are rapes which are out of the blue. But overwhelming majority of them (especially involving young people) happen in situations that are avoidable. Like, how am I wrong? If you are a young girl... Drinking and partying at 2 in the morning in a male's house... Shouldn't this make you at least think maybe? It's like burning a Koran in the face of ISIS members and then saying it's their fault. Of course it's their fault. They shouldn't kill me for burning a book... But would you commend my deeds... Would you not say I was, I don't know, "asking for it"?