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Essay:Azariphale's Tilting at Windmills

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Preserving against deletion by αmεσ (ninja)

Dear Whoever I Sent This Link To,

Just a word (or a thousand words, or something) to the wise: it's been tried, repeatedly. It never works. You may have great intentions, but you are wasting your time.

I'm not even "telling" you to stop; that's entirely up to you. I just thought I'd save you the trouble. Don't believe me? Look:

cp:Talk:Main Page/archive2#There is no objectivity here 15 March, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive2#I'm an Attorney 16 March, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive3#Creationism confusion 20 March, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive3#This must be a joke ~21 March, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive3#Bible comment? 21 March, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive3#TAKE DOWN "Did you know that Darwin believed..." ~24 March, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive4#Bullies and "Trustworthy" 28 March, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive5#John McCain 3 April, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive5#British Newspapers 3 April, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive5#STILL IN COLLEGE AT AGE 23? (and subsequent topics regarding the Virginia Tech shootings) 9 April, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive5#Encyclopedic Standards? 19 April, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive5#Differences from Wikipedia 19 April, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive6#Why don't we just take encyclopedia off the front? 24 April, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive8#Um..eh? ~ 9 May, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive8#Liberal falsehood of the day, Conservative Victory 12 May, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive9#Do this site's sysops have an anti-Iraq War bias? 27 May, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive10#Hi 31 May, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive11#Competing against wikipedia - our best chance 12 June, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive13#Is this site a joke? ~ 19 June, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive13#Epistemology behind Conservapedia - disputed 28 June, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive13#Huh? 28 June, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive14 ~ 30 June, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive15#This is probably the worst wiki I have ever seen. 29 June, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive15#Assault? 30 June, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive15#This is a really dumb idea for a wiki ~ 1 July, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive16#Irony, anybody? ~ 15 July, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive17#Copied material? 2 July, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive17#Smear of Dobson and Kennedy 5 July, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive17#A question regarding CP 10 July, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive17#Pages (I'm not proud of it, but I did it :p) 13 July, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive18#Funniest Website 24 July, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive20#Wikipedia full of junk 12 August, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive21#Conservapedia and Conservative values 30 August, 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive22#Is this site serious? Sept 07
cp:Talk:Main Page/archive22#I don't think it works Sept 07

None of these have what their original posters could possibly consider a "happy ending." Just anger, arguments, threats... but nothing settled or changed. You should ask yourself: why bother?

Take care,

Aziraphale 15:18, 19 September 2007 (EDT) Bold text