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Essay:Bad memes

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MINION MEMES. Oh, MOTHER OF FUCKING FUCKS, I HATE THEM. The shitty puns are never original, the ugly fucking images never have ANYTHING to do with the fucking lame ass punchline, IF THERE IS ONE AT ALL. They have shitty fonts, the resolution is always shit, and yet somehow, these massive blobs of waste, disease, and pain somehow become POPULAR. WHY? They aren’t funny! At all! The quotes or jokes are badly thought out and worded, usually only have the barest semblance of anything resembling comedy, which if they do have ANY, in the SLIGHTEST, the comedy is either A: Really stupid body humor B: Anti-vaxxers trying to get supporters, C: Homophobic and/or racist, D: Designed to inflate the poster´s ego, or E: Made to mock younger generations. Oh, and the FONTS. THE FONTS. Why are they so ugly? The color is navy, not even black, and the curves of the letters themselves are so visually revolting that any attempt by me to look at them make me want to vomit.